“Yes, it’s quite funny, really, that alongside no-one establish the snake that Harry set cost-free in Philosopher’s stone turned the end to be Voldemort’s last Horcrux, Nagini.”

— (not actually) J.K. Rowling

Read this below in the morning so began thinking over this! any kind of clarifications?



Well, that doesn"t seem likely for a couple of reasons:

The voice of the snake in the zoo in the first film is male, when Nagini is female.

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The book says the snake is a Boa Constrictor, i beg your pardon is a non-venomous snake. Nagini, however, is venomous. (I think in the very first film the line in the zoo was adjusted to a Burmese Python, i m sorry is likewise non-venomous.)

I think the an initial book describes the line in the zoo together brown, whilst Nagini is said to it is in green.

Xantec Well, i was assuming the actor they decided to provide the English voice-over of the snake's currently in the theatrical relax matched the sex of the snake. I also assume they had actually at least one parselmouth on collection to advise on together matters throughout filming.
The quote must read together follows:

Yes, the was fairly funny, really, that next to no-one establish the ring Voldemort turned into a Horcrux remained in actuality the One Ring of Power created by Sauron. J.K. Rowling

Edited come add: The quote you"re basing your concern on is not by J.K. Rowling: watch here. As for Nagini being the snake in the Sorcerer"s Stone, they space not the same snake. If friend Google "is the snake from Sorcerer"s rock Nagini?" the prize comes appropriate up. :)



J.K. Rowling has shown (via a twit) the the snake in the zoo is definitively not Nagini

And Nagini ended up in a zoo?!

JKR: Noooo... I believed I"d shot that one down! The escaped boa constrictorin Philosopher"s rock wasn"t Nagini. The was never ever Nagini. That"s anincorrect but really persistent fan theory!

JKR Twitter


No, the snake in the an initial book is no Nagini. As was mentioned earlier, the snake from the very first book to be bred in captivity. IIRC, the line never left captivity prior to Harry freed it.

In order because that Nagini come be the snake, the snake would certainly have had actually to uncover Voldemort sometime during the books.

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This is in addition to the various other reasons provided above.

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