The stamin of an mountain or basic is concerned the extent of dissociation in solution:

- a strong acid or base is fully dissociated

- a weak acid or basic is partially dissociated

So because of this we will have 4 feasible types the acids and bases:

1. Weak Acid

2. Strong Acid

3. Weak Base

4. Solid Base

Also, every of these acids and bases will dissociate in systems to give different species.

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1. Weak mountain Dissociation zb CH3COOH


CH3COOH is a weak acid and also dissociates partly in solution (as indicated with reversible arrow) to kind H+ and also CH3COO- ions.

Since this is a reversible process, CH3COO- deserve to accept H+ to type back CH3COOH.

Therefore the nature the CH3COO- is basic and we call CH3COO- the conjugate basic of CH3COOH.

2. Strong Acid Dissociation zb HCl


HCl is a strong acid and also will dissociate completely (as shown with full arrow) in equipment to form H+ and also Cl-ions.

Since this is an irreversible process, Cl- has actually no tendency to accept H+ and kind back HCl.

Therefore the nature of Cl- is neutral.

3. Weak basic dissociation zb NH3

NH3 is a weak base and also dissociates partly in systems (as suggested with reversible arrow) to form OH- and NH4+ ions.

Since this is a reversible process, NH4+ have the right to donate H+ to type back NH3.

Therefore the nature that NH4+ is acidic and we contact NH4+ the conjugate acid of NH3.

4. Solid base dissociation eg NaOH

NaOH is a strong base and also will dissociate fully (as indicated with full arrow) in solution to type OH-and Na+ ions.

Since this is one irreversible process, Na+ has actually no tendency to donate H+ and kind back NaOH.

Therefore the nature that Na+ is neutral.

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So in summary:

- weak acid will dissociate to offer conjugate base

- weak base will certainly dissociate to give conjugate acid

- strong acid will certainly dissociate to provide a neutral ion

- strong base will dissociate to give a neutral ion

These concepts are fundamental and an extremely important in Ionic Equilibria.

Check the end this video lesson come learn more about acids and bases and their dissociation in solution!

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