Side impacts of NOS power drink may incorporate delayed muscle recovery, nerve damage, love attack, stroke and also seizure.

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Our lawyers space reviewing studies and an FDA investigation linking popular power drinks choose NOS power to serious and sometimes deadly side effects including love attack, stroke, seizure and severe allergy reactions.

Free Confidential sue Evaluation: If friend or a love one experienced from a love attack/heart problems, seizure or various other injury after drinking NOS, girlfriend should contact our legislation firm immediately. You might be licensed has been granted to compensation by filing a suit versus the manufacturer and our lawyers can help.

Update: power Drink Side impacts Responsible for death of 25-Year-Old, fit Claims

December 18, 2017 - Anton Omelin drank Red Bull, NOS and also Monster Energy before he collapsed and also died top top Oct. 30, 2014, follow to a brand-new lawsuit filed in Tacoma, Washington. The fit alleges the the defendants -- Red Bull, Monster, and the Hansen Beverage Co. -- failed come adequately warning consumers against the danger of alcohol use with power drinks or during vigorous exercise.

What is NOS?

NOS is a popular energy drink make by High power Beverage Company, i beg your pardon is owned by Fuze Beverages LLC, a department of Coca-cola. The beverage is easily accessible in 8 oz and also 11 oz bottles, and also in a 2 oz “Powershot.”

According come Caffeine Informer, NOS has lowered the caffeine content of its energy drinks native 260 mg come 160 mg per 16 oz can. However, many retailers are still selling the 260 mg cans, specifically Charged Citrus and also Loaded Cherry. Note: consumer Reports tested NOS and found the old version to contain only 224 mg the caffeine per deserve to instead that 260 mg.

Energy Drink Dangers

Several ingredient in NOS energy may rise the hazard of disadvantage effects, according to LIVESTRONG. Potential side effects may include:

Diarrhea - Caffeine is a diuretic, which means that that flushes water the end of her system, i m sorry can result in diarrhea. NOS Energy additionally contains the amino mountain carnitine, which may reason diarrhea.Nerve damage - NOS is high in vitamin B-6, which helps the human body metabolize food. However, the vitamin may be harmful in large doses, together it may reason nerve damage that outcomes in numbness or pain in the extremities and impaired wade ability.Anxiety - power drinks like NOS contain high levels of caffeine, which have the right to increase feeling of anxiety and also nervousness, and interfere through a person’s capacity to sleep.

Caffeine counting in energy Drinks: consumer Reports Video

NOS energy Sends teen to Hospital

Dakota Sailor, a teenager indigenous Carl Junction, Missouri, had a seizure and also was rushed come the hospital after consuming 2 cans of NOS power Drink, according to Caffeine Informer. After ~ conducting a series of tests, medical professionals concluded the boy’s problem was most likely the an outcome of high sheep of caffeine had in the NOS the drank.

Energy Drink Deaths

Since late 2012, at the very least 17 unreported deaths have been linked to power drinks, according to the center for scientific research in the public Interest (CSPI). This bring the complete to 34 fatalities associated with the beverages. That these:

22 deaths have actually been connected to 5-Hour Energy;

In addition to the newly disclosed deaths, at the very least 56 formerly undisclosed injuries have actually been reported to the FDA Adverse event Reporting device (FAERS). These and also other serious occasions resulted in 54 hospitalizations, with consumers suffering high blood pressure, convulsions, heart attacks, and other side impacts after consuming power drinks.

Energy drinks Worse for your Heart 보다 Caffeine Alone, study Finds

April 27, 2017 - A new study released Wednesday in the newspaper of the American heart Association (AHA) has connected the side results of power drinks to an raised risk for heart problems beyond those seen with caffeine alone. The researchers doubt that the “proprietary blend” of ingredients in commercial energy drinks may extend caffeine’s activity in the body, avoid it from gift excreted, or that these substances “may have activity of your own above and past caffeine.”

Man it s okay Hepatitis after ~ Binging on energy Drinks

November 4, 2016 - BMJ situation Reports published a research this main on a 50-year-old construction worker who occurred acute hepatitis after drinking 4 to 5 power drinks every day for at the very least 3 weeks. Medical professionals said the condition was most likely a result of his substantial intake that niacin (vitamin B3), of i beg your pardon he to be consuming an ext than 1000% the daily recommended dose.

Just 1 energy Drink Poses love Risks, JAMA research Finds

November 8 – A single can of power drink can cause potentially worrisome spikes in blood pressure and also in a stress hormone it is a cousin to adrenaline, follow to a study conducted by researchers at the mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After just one 16oz. Serving of Rockstar, test subjects’ median blood pressure increased by 6.4%, while mean norepinephrine levels went up 31%.

Study Links power Drinks to Traumatic mind Injury in Teens

September 16, 2015 - A study released today in PLOS ONE has found a link between the consumption of power drinks through teenage athletes and also traumatic brain injury (TBI). The study’s authors figured out that teens who reported enduring a TBI in the past year were 7x an ext likely to report consuming at the very least 5 power drinks in the previous mainly than teenagers who walk not have actually a TBI.

Do I have actually a NOS power Drink Lawsuit?

The Product legal responsibility & Defective drug Litigation team at our regulation firm is an competent team of psychological lawyers that emphasis on the representation of plaintiffs in power drink lawsuits. We are managing individual lawsuit nationwide and currently accepting brand-new injury and death situations in all 50 states.

Free Confidential situation Evaluation: Again, if you or a loved one was hurt by power drink side effects, girlfriend should call our regulation firm immediately. You may be licensed has been granted to compensation by submit a suit and our lawyers can help.

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