Electronegativity is a measure of how strongly one atom – in a molecule – is able to lure electrons in a bond to itself.

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Factors affecting electronegativity:

1) The atom number

The atom number is the number of protons in the cell core of an atom.It identify the chemical properties of one element and also its ar in the regular table.The greater the atomic number, the more powerful the electronegativity.


2) The atomic radius

The atom radius that a chemical facet is usually measured through the street from the facility of the nucleus come the boundary of the outermost great of electrons.The enlarge the atom radii, the weaker the electronegativity.


Example of atomic radius of an oxygen atom


What is electronegativity measure in?

The most usual measurement because that electronegativity is the Pauling scale, designed by two-time Nobel compensation winner Linus Pauling. Electronegativity scale for facets tell how strong each facet (relative to each other) can entice the bonding electrons to itself. The greater the electronegativity number, the much more the atom will attempt to traction electrons come itself.


Why is oxygen more electronegative than nitrogen?

Oxygen is higher in atom number

Oxygen has 8 protons in the cell core whereas nitrogen only has 7.A bonding pair that electrons will certainly experience much more attraction indigenous the oxygen’s nucleus the from nitrogen’s, therefore the electronegativity that oxygen is greater.


Why is sulphur less electronegative than oxygen?

Reasons why oxygen is an ext electronegative 보다 sulfur:

Oxygen has actually 2 power levels, sulfur has 3The bonding electrons in sulfur are more away from the nucleus of the atomWhen bonding electrons are further from the cell nucleus of the atom, there is much less attraction from the nucleusthe bonding pair of electron in oxygen will experience an ext attraction from its nucleus than sulfur’s bonding electronsHence oxygen is a more electronegative atom

Please review up ~ above valence electrons prior to you proceed. Valence Electrons


The smaller sized atom has a higher electronegativity

Electronegativity trends existing in the regular table


When friend move across the periodic table, the variety of protons in the nucleus increases (with no increase in energy level), thus the electronegativity increases.

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When the atom number increases down a group, over there is likewise an increase in energy levels. The atom radius is greater because of this electronegativity decreases.



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