I’ve always wanted to create a “one weird trick” headline. Don’t issue this isn’t clickbait. I really do have a weird trick the will help you lug as lot peanut butter ~ above an plane as friend want.

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First let’s look in ~ the rules around flying with peanut butter.

TSA Peanut Butter Rules

The transport Security administration run the defense checkpoint at the airport. Here’s what castle say around bringing peanut butter ~ above a plane.


Peanut butter is taken into consideration to be a liquid by the TSA.

The TSA regularly says, “If you deserve to squeeze it, smear it, pump it, spread it, spray it, or pour out it climate it’s considered a liquid”.


That method that you have the right to only bring peanut butter in containers that room 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less in carry-on luggage. You likewise must pack peanut butter in your quart-size liquids bag and also remove the quart bag in ~ the x-ray device for screening.

Most jars that peanut butter are way beyond this limit. Ns couldn’t find any kind of 3.4 oz travel dimension peanut butter jars however you can pack some of Justin’s travel dimension peanut butter squeeze packs.


Or you can buy some travel dimension bottles and also jars choose these ones and also transfer some of your favorite peanut butter from the big jar at residence to a tiny container.


The problem is you can probably only bring 7 or 8 liquids party in the 1 quart bag that you room permitted.

3.4 oz that peanut butter isn’t a lot. And also while you can fill your entire quart size bag with tiny bottles that peanut butter then you wouldn’t have any kind of shampoo or shower gel for her trip.

Solid peanuts space not minimal in hand luggage but you cannot carry a blender because of the blade.

You have the right to pack peanut butter in a confirm bag however that would probably involve baggage fees. If friend were no planning on bringing a large suitcase still you’d need to really love peanut butter come pay for a checked bag simply so you could fly v it.

Hack The TSA Peanut Butter Rules

Here is the monster trick about the TSA and peanut butter.

While peanut butter in a party or a jar is taken into consideration to be a liquid…

Peanut butter within a coco cup is thought about to be component of a solid.

I twin checked with the TSA on Twitter. Right here was the exchange we had.


So peanut butter cups are enabled in carry-on bags v no quantity restrictions or packing requirements.

That’s right…

So long as her “jar” is made from cacao you can carry peanut butter on a airplane in carry-on luggage. Peanut butter is considered to be a liquid however peanut butter cup are thought about to be solid.

These large 8 oz peanut butter cups have actually a lot of peanut butter in them. Girlfriend don’t need to fill them in your quart-size toiletries bag. What you perform with the chocolate “jar” is approximately you.

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And there is more. If you load your peanut butter in between two slices the bread, possibly with a small jelly too, you can lug that sandwich top top the plane.


This is the glimpse right into the warped mind of a TSA agent