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National study Council (US) Committee on Water therapy Chemicals. Water chemistry Codex. Washington (DC): nationwide Academies push (US); 1982.


NAS/CWTC 016-82
CAS No.:7722-64-7Formula Weight:158.0
Chemical Formula:KMnO4


A dark violet crystal through a blue metallic sheen, having a sweetish, astringent taste and no odor. It has a solubility in water the 5.0 g/100 ml at 20°C and also is accessible at a commercial toughness of 97-99% potassium permanganate.


Used together an oxidant for removal of stole or manganese and for therapy of taste and odor.

Purity Requirements:

The RMIC worths are based upon a best dosage the 10 mg that potassium permanganate/liter that water and also are come be compared to impurity concentrations obtained by using sample procedures explained in this monograph. If the actual dosage is other than 10 mg/liter, the user is cautioned to consult Table 2 for proper RMIC values.

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ImpurityRMIC mg Impurity/kgPotassium Permanganate

Bulk Sample Collection:

Sample in accordance with Standard for Potassium Perman ganate, AWWA B603-77, American Water functions Association, Denver, Colorado (1977).

Analytical Sample Preparation:

Weigh out 2.5 g of potassium permanganate. In a 150-ml acid-washed beaker, dissolve the sample through 100 ml the deionized distilled water. Under a hood, acidify the solution with focused HCl to a pH of less than 2. Include hydroxylamine hydrochloride till the systems turns clear. Gently warm the equipment to minimize the volume below 100 ml, making details that that does no boil. Quantitively carry to a 100-ml acid-washed volumetric flask and also make come volume through deionized distilled water. Procedure a reagent empty by the exact same procedure.

Sample Analyses:

The analyses are to it is in performed on the potassium permanganate equipment in accordance with:

Standard methods for the examination of Water and also Wastewater, 15th Edition, American Public wellness Association, Washington, D.C. (1981).

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CadmiumSection 304
ChromiumSection 304
MercurySection 303F

All assets used because that disinfection the contain this compound must be registered together prescribed by commonwealth Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

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