If you’re looking for one of the ideal TVs because that bedrooms, then check out the Proscan 32-Inch LED TV. It’s a good price because that a an additional TV and also has pretty LCD TV display technology. It’s additionally perfect for small spaces prefer dorm rooms, and also definitely a great price for college students on a budget.

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Why We favor It – Proscan 32-Inch LED TV

The Proscan 32-Inch LED TV is a small, budget-friendly TV that’s a great price for a secondary TV for the bedroom or kitchen. It has a integrated DVD player that’s really convenient. It’s fairly easy to wall surface mount and also can be set up with or there is no the stand. And the had remote manage is nice easy-to-use.

Performance (Display/Resolution/Refresh)

The Proscan 32-Inch LED TV is a 720p LCD TV. It has a 60hz refresh price for smooth gaming. Girlfriend can also use it as a computer monitor. Amazon reviewers had worries with the restricted viewing angle of this TV, saying you had actually to it is in looking in ~ the TV directly on in bespeak to view the best photo quality. If you’re trying to find something a tiny larger, with more bells and whistles, inspect out the Samsung 43 customs Smart TV.


Amazon reviewers it seems to be ~ disappointed in ~ the sound top quality of the Proscan TV’s integrated speakers. If you want far better sound quality, you could need to consider investing in exterior speakers.

Smart Features

This is no a clever TV and is lacking smart house features. It’s good for anyone that isn’t for this reason tech-savvy, or just doesn’t desire to bother with setup up a smart TV.

Ports & Expandability

The Proscan TV only has actually one HDMI entry port, so it’s fairly restricted in regards to connectivity. It does not have actually a USB port, one ethernet port, or built-in wifi. The minimal number of HDMI ports and also output harbor on this TV means it’s much better for a smaller sized area like the bedroom or kitchen.


At $206, the Proscan LED TV is absolutely budget-friendly, however it is doing not have some features compared to other contemporary flatscreen TVs. Uneven the LG 24LJ4540 TV, the does have a integrated DVD player, for this reason there’s a little savings there.

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Proscan 32-Inch LED TV pave Up

The Proscan TV is a simple flatscreen TV with a budget-friendly price tag. The audio and video clip quality is fairly basic, therefore if you’re searching for something that just works, climate you’ll want to offer Proscan another look. But if you’re searching for something it is a bit bigger and has more features, then check out the Samsung frame TV 43.