An MMA match-up is an untypical location to have a family members reunion, but Chris Pratt and Spencer Pratt went ahead with it anyway



An MMA match-up is an unstandard location to have a family reunion, but Chris Pratt and Spencer Pratt went ahead through it anymethod.

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On Sunday, the truth star, 35, and movie star, 39, posted an Instagram video together — together with Spencer’s wife, Heidi Montag, and almost 16-month-old child, Gunner Stone — claiming to be cousins. (Though they share a last name, they’re not associated.)

“So great once 2 cousins deserve to just gain out and also gain life,” states Chris, who’s involved to Katherine Schwarzenegger, in the clip.

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“This is a family members outing,” adds Spencer before Chris jokes that he hasn’t viewed his “nephew … given that the birth.”

“He’s grown so big!” the Parks and also Recreation alum quips as he touches the little bit boy’s arm.



Heidi, who was featured briefly in the selfie-style video, newly got emotional on Instagram when celebrating Gunner’s first birthday.

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In an trio of clips, The Hills star mutual to her Instagram Story in October, she expressed her overwhelming gratitude.

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“I determined not to wear makeup now because I’m a complete mess,” sassist Heidi, 32, continuing via tears, “God, it’s so exceptional. Gunner is simply such a blessing and I can’t believe that it’s already been a year. Wow, what a day.”