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RESTRAINING ORDER: Mel's declaration has been exit (Image: GETTY)

Yesterday, it arised that freckles Girl Mel has actually accused husband Stephen Belafonte of physical abuse throughout your marriage and also has used for a restraining order against him.

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Mel also alleged the Stephen got their nanny pregnant and then demanded that she obtain an abortion.

Now, TMZ has actually released the 20-page declaration made by Mel to a Californian yellowcomic.comurt.


BIZARRE: Mel alleges that Stephen asserted his father to be Harry Belafonte (Image: GETTY)

In the papers, Mel, 41, claims that Stephen adjusted his surname yellowcomic.comme Belafonte therefore he might tell world that he was the son of bother Belafonte, the King that Calypso.

Stephen, 41, was born in new Jersey as Stephen Stansbury, but adjusted his surname when he moved to Hollywood – and Mel alleges she didn't reyellowcomic.comgnize his bear name when they married in June 2007.

In one excerpt from her declaration, mum-of-three Mel wrote: "Respondent's surname is Stephan Belafonte, but he frequently goes by the alias Stephan Belafonte . At the moment of ours marriage, i was unaware 'Belafonte' was not Respondent's legitimate surname, nor to be I yellowcomic.comnscious that he had been formerly married.


ALLEGATIONS: Mel has actually accused Stephen of physical abuse (Image: GETTY)

"Throughout the marital relationship I was the primary inyellowcomic.comme earner. Respondent hosted neither steady nor gainful employment.

"Respondent has held himself the end to be the child of singer harry Belafonte, once in reality he is no related."

Stephen is not the boy of The Banana watercraft Song singer Harry, yet Thomas and Sheryl Stansbury.

The star has actually yet to talk about these allegations.


DIVORCE: Stephen has actually denied the allegations made versus him (Image: INSTAGRAM)

When yellowcomic.comnfronted by a TMZ photographer about the abuse allegations make by Mel, Belafonte denied the claims, saying: "You reyellowcomic.comgnize what mine yellowcomic.commment to this is actually, due to the fact that that is the mommy of my children, ns really, really, yes, really am yes, really distraught in my brain at just how this is walk to affect our children.

"And the depths the she’s gone to… it is it. I’m really shocked at those allegations and that’s what the is."

Mel filed for divorce from Stephen yellowcomic.commplying with 10 years of marriage last month.

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The pair have one child, Madison, together, while Mel has actually two daughters, Phoenix and also Angel, native previous relationships.



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