Does the value of i (negative or positive) suggest whether the picture is online upright or actual inverted? Or to be I just to recognize concave lens is diverging and also produces virtual upright and vice versa? give thanks to you


UV - Upright Virtual

IR - turning back Real

For lenses, a virtual image is on the same side together the object. Because that mirrors, a virtual image is the opposite the object.

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For lenses, a real image is on the opposite next of the object. Because that mirrors, same side. Friend could likewise draw the end the ray diagrams, but it take away time and is error-prone.

Not fairly sure what ns is claimed to represent. Additionally do you average concave mirrors? or Converging lens?

A general dominance of ignorance is for a converging lens, if the object is ~ above the very same side together the incoming irradiate source, the photo will it is in inverted, real and on the various other side the the lens whereas because that diverging, the picture will it is in on the same side as the object and virtual.

For calculating orientation it's probably far better to use m=-di/do where di is the picture distance and do is the object distance family member to the mirror/lens. A + answer way it's upright and also - way it's inverted through respect come the object.

If f is +, the mirror is converging; - the mirror is diverging

If i is +, the picture is real; - the picture is virtual

Diverging winter will constantly produce digital upright images

Converging and also o f, genuine inverted image

Convex mirror is divergent, concave lens is divergent

Concave mirror is convergent, convex lens is convergent

Basically 'i' will certainly be hopeful if that is wherein the light ray is actually going. Because that example, a lens refracts light so the irradiate rays happen through. So, a confident 'i' is as soon as the picture is ~ above the opposite next of the light source.

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In a mirror, light rays room reflected. Therefore a confident 'i' is once the image is ~ above the very same side together the irradiate source. Hope that makes sense!


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