ON December 7, 1941, imperial Japanese forces struck the U.S. Armed forces base in ~ Pearl Harbor, bring about the deaths the 2,403 Americans. 

The attack marked a turning point in world War II through America involvement the war quickly after the attack. However how is Pearl harbor remembered in the U.S. Today? 


Pearl port is remembered yearly on December 7Credit: Getty Images

When is Pearl port Remembrance Day?

The U.S. Commemorates Pearl harbor Remembrance Day yearly on December 7. 

On Monday, December 7, 2020, Pearl harbor survivors, veterans and the American public will come together to psychic the 2,403 service members and civilians who were eliminated by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. 

The organization will also commemorate the 1,178 civilization who to be injured, the sinking of the marine battleships the USS Arizona and also the USS Utah, as well as the 188 damaged aircraft.

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The an initial Pearl Harbor work was hosted in 1994, ~ the United says Congress designated December 7 as Pearl Harbor national Remembrance Day, during Bill Clinton’s presidency. 


2,403 service men and civilians were killed in the 1941 assault in HawaiiCredit: Getty Images

Is it a national holiday? 

Pearl Harbor job is not a commonwealth holiday, an interpretation government offices, schools and also businesses stay open. 

This method Americans will continue to go to work, and also mail and other services will be running together normal. 

But throughout America, the flag will certainly be flown in ~ half-staff until sunset to honour those who died in the WWII assault on the U.S armed forces base in 1941. 

Some institutions may hold special events to commemorate those killed and injured in the attack and also there will certainly be a live-streamed service at the Pearl harbor Visitor facility in Hawaii. 


World war II veterans across the world will psychic those who passed away on world Harbor DayCredit: Getty Images

How is Pearl harbor Day marked in the U.S.? 

Every year on December 7, WWII veterans and Pearl harbor survivors commemorate the strike with services across the U.S.

This year, the commemoration design template for the work is “Above and Beyond the Call” and there will certainly be a ceremony held at the Pearl port visitor centre in Hawaii.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Pearl Harbor service this year will certainly be closeup of the door to the general public to protect the veterans attending the event. 

Instead, the event will be live streamed via the national Park organization Facebook web page at 11.30am top top Monday, December 7. 

However, the USS Arizona Memorial Programs will certainly be open and running every 30 minutes from 12pm- 3pm.

On December 4, president Donald Trump authorize a statement, commemorating those who fell at Pearl Harbor.

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He said: “I encourage all Americans to observe this solemn work of remembrance and to respect our military, past and also present, with ideal ceremonies and also activities. 

“I advice all federal agencies and interested organizations, groups, and individuals to paris the flag the the United claims at half-staff in honor of those American patriots who died as a an outcome of their organization at Pearl Harbor.”


Donald Trump motivated Americans come 'observe this solemn work of remembrance'Credit: Getty Images

Is Pearl harbor Day celebrated in Japan?

Pearl Harbor work is not celebrated in Japan. 

However, top top the 75th anniversary of Pearl harbor in 2016, climate Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the us naval base at Pearl harbor to offer “sincere and everlasting condolences" come the victim of Japan’s strike on the base. 

Accompanied by Barack Obama - who was the united state President at the time - mr Abe said: "We must never repeat the horrors of war again, this is the solemn vow the human being of Japan have actually taken.”



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The Japanese PM likewise paid tribute come those who lost their stays - plenty of still entombed in the wreckage of the sunk battleship, the USS Arizona. 

Mr Abe vowed reconciliation and peace, saying: "To the souls of the united state servicemen who lie board the USS Arizona, come the American people, and all people about the world, ns pledge that unwavering vow.” 

Mr Abe dubbed the put in order alliance in between America and also Japan an "alliance the hope".


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