In plot 1, step 3 the Romeo and also Juliet, Lady Capulet speak Juliet, "Well, think of marriage now" Can anyone tell me what an approach has been used?
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In this scene, Lady Capulet asks Juliet:

... How stands her disposition to it is in married?

To which she replies:

It is one honour that ns dream no of.

Juliet is fairly sarcastic in she response. She deliberately and also ironically offers the word "honour" when, in fact, she does no deem...

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In this scene, Lady Capulet asks Juliet:

... How stands her disposition to be married?

To i beg your pardon she replies:

It is one honour that i dream not of.

Juliet is quite sarcastic in her response. She deliberately and ironically supplies the native "honour" when, in fact, she does not deem it an respect at all. She is simply not interested in gift wed.

Her mother then responds:

Well, think of marital relationship now; younger 보다 you,Here in Verona, women of esteem,Are made already mothers: by my count,I to be your mommy much upon this yearsThat friend are now a maid. therefore then in brief:The valiant Paris seeks you because that his love.

The technique Lady Capulet utilizes to sway Juliet is referred to as Fallacy. In this instance, the fallacy takes two forms: Firstly, she provides an appeal to popular opinion by informing Juliet that females of stature even younger than her, are already mothers, suggesting that that is the trend and she should therefore follow suit. 

Secondly, she renders an appeal to authority by attempting to win Juliet"s confidence in telling her that she was already mothering Juliet at lot the same age that Juliet is at now. Together an authority figure, she believes the Juliet will understand that, due to the fact that she, she mother, had actually married early, it should be the very same for Juliet.

Juliet, however, is not completely convinced and later states:

I"ll look come like, if spring liking move:But no much more deep will I endart mine eyeThan her consent provides strength to do it fly.

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Juliet means that she would peruse Paris and she if through her perusal, she likes what she sees, yet she will certainly not look any type of deeper than her mother allows her to. Her statement is quite ambiguous since the implicitly is likewise that she will certainly act as if she is interested by looking at Paris if the is what will certainly please she mother, yet that she will certainly not look any kind of farther than she is enabled to - she will therefore not critically scrutinize Paris if that is her mother"s wish.