If girlfriend can"t redeem your gift card in the app Store or iTunes Store, here are some points you have the right to try.

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If you watch a blog post that states that yourcard is no valid, here"s what come do:

Make sure that you go into the correct characters.Some letters and numbers look at alike, such as:

If you view a message that says that your card has currently been redeemed, you might have already redeemed it. Authorize out the the application Store or iTunes store on every one of your devices, then sign earlier in. This refreshes your yellowcomic.com id balance. Learn just how tocheck your yellowcomic.com id balance.

If girlfriend need much more help,contact to apologize yellowcomic.com.

If you check out a post that claims that yourcard has actually not been correctly activated, it might not have actually been caused by the retailer who sold the card. The finest option is come go earlier to the retailer and shot to solve it v them.

If you need an ext help,contact yellowcomic.com yellowcomic.com.

If girlfriend can"t check out the code on the earlier of yourcard due to the fact that it"s scratched or damaged,contact apologize yellowcomic.com.

If you see a blog post that claims the code need to be redeemed in another storefront, the map was most likely purchased in another country or region. Friend can"t redeem to apologize Gift Cards or app Store & iTunes Gift Cards external of the nation or an ar of purchase. For example, if friend bought an application Store & iTunes Gift card in France, girlfriend can"t redeem that in the application Store in the united States.

Learn an ext about application Store Top-Up cards in China mainland.

If friend need much more help,contact to apologize yellowcomic.com.

Contact apologize yellowcomic.com.

You can need to provide:

An photo of the full front and earlier of yourcard.A sales receipt showing when your map was purchased.The serial number from yourcard.

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The serial number is no the same thing together the password that begins with "X" the you use to redeem the card. Serial number are situated on the back of yourcard. Below are some examples of wherein you can see the serial number:

Serial number begins with "GCA"
Serial number starts with "60"
Serial number starts with "60" (Australia Gift Cards)

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