The cost is going to vary, depending upon both the type of car you have (as different manufacturers fee differing amounts for assorted parts) and also the mechanic you walk to for repairs. Going to a dealership will practically always be your many expensive option, however it may also give girlfriend the finest results.

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The cost of job operates within a wide variety for this form of repair. The general variety is in between $100 and $350, however there are some vehicles which cost substantially more for this repair. for parts, you will certainly pay anywhere in between $40 and also $150 because that oil pan gasket replacement. The component itself is not the expensive component of this repair, as you have the right to see, however the job can often be intensive. Part cars simply take a lot longer to get to the faulty component and eliminate it since of what other components are in the way and exactly how troublesome it can be to eliminate them.

Oil Pan Gasket Replacement price Comparison

The vast majority of garages will do this sort of repair, and also we’ve accumulated some sample prices from leading garages to give you one idea that what you have the right to expect come pay. The price will vary depending on the brand of car you own and also what your garage bills because that labor.

Your Mechanic

Parts & Labour12 months$170 – $450


Parts & Labour12 months$168 – $499

Mr. Tire

Parts & Labour12 months$180 – $420

Pep Boys

Parts6 Months$150 – $450


PartsLimited$60 – $154


PartsLimited$42 – $199

What Is an Oil Pan Gasket?

Your car’s oil is held inside the oil pan. This is fastened by the oil gasket top top the underside that the car. If that gasket starts to fail, it can reason oil come leak, and also that can lead come a the majority of expensive troubles for you.

You’ll desire to make certain that her oil pan gasket in is good condition at every times, and this is a skilled that her mechanic have to be check during regular tune-ups of your car.

Now we’ll look at how essential this tiny piece that your car is, exactly how much the is walk to cost you to change it and also some the the means you deserve to reduce your repair prices for the oil pan gasket.

Benefits of one Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

As with any kind of car repair, the the defect of not replacing the faulty part that space really going to it is in most vital factor in deciding when to replace the part. If friend don’t change a faulty oil pan gasket, then you room going to check out engine oil leaking out of your vehicle. This will typical your car will waste a most oil girlfriend put into it. The also method that oil i will not ~ go whereby it is an alleged to. On peak of that, oil will certainly spew anywhere parts of the auto as girlfriend drive, causing a mess and also damage over time.

If the oil is leaking, it won’t be lubricating every the engine components that need it, resulting in friction in between automotive components and leading come the need for high-quality repairs as your car breaks down.

When To change Your Oil Pan Gasket

You can tell if her oil pan is leaking or if the gasket is leaking by paying attention to oil levels. If your vehicle is using a lot more oil than it walk before, climate a leak is likely. If your engine oil indicator light is on, it may mean that there is a trouble there.

The most influential sign the you have an oil leak is the there will certainly be a pool of oil ~ above the floor under your car. You may an alert it as soon as you an initial go come your vehicle in the morning or after it has actually sat somewhere because that a time. The leaking oil will certainly pool up and should set of warning indications in her head. This is a difficulty that requirements to it is in addressed appropriate away.

Your mechanic must be maybe to an alert this sort of problem when lock perform regular work on her car, such together an oil change. If the mechanic brings a leak to your attention, then it have to be fixed as quickly as possible. The much longer you wait to attend to it, the worse it will become and the much more damage it will cause.

What does Oil Pan Gasket replacement Involve?

To begin with, the mechanic is walking to check for any type of leaks. The will desire to ascertain which part of the vehicle is bring about the leak. It might be the gasket or it could be the oil pan chin or it might even be among the other parts the the vehicle that transports oil come the engine.Then the mechanic will certainly dissemble the oil pan and also the gasket. This have the right to take a lengthy time, depending upon how plenty of other components are in the means and what they room attached to. This is wherein a most your labor expenses are going to absent in.Next, the mechanic is going come clean the oil pan, check it over carefully for any type of signs of progressed wear or leaks. After ~ that, he’s going to placed in a brand-new gasket. The filter and the engine oil will must be replaced too. The mechanic will put everything back in that is place, securing the brand-new parts and tossing the old ones.Finally, the mechanic will begin up the engine and check for any leaks. Hopefully, his initiatives will have fixed the problem.

How to conserve Money on an Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

If you can perform your very own oil change, you have the right to probably change the oil pan gasket on her own. A most the same steps are involved. Of course, the sort of vehicle you have will identify how complex the procedure is.

Doing the project yourself is the best method to conserve money, but if you don’t understand what you space doing climate you have to leave it come the experts.

As with any car repair, if you space using a mechanic not linked with a dealership, then you may be able to bring in your very own parts. The parts for the oil pan gasket replacement room not expensive, yet you deserve to still save money by purchasing her own and asking the mechanic to download it.

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Sample Oil Pan Gasket instead of Costs

Below room some sample price for popular makes and models of automobile to have actually the oil pan replaced. Just like all repairs, prices will certainly vary depending on your location, what her garage charges for labor and how lot the parts are, however this should provide you a rough guide to the price the repairs.

Ford F-Series$260 – $331$54 – $119$314 – $450
Chevrolet Silverado$165 – $211$75 – $158$240 – $369
Ford Focus$213 – $271$54 – $119$267 – $390
Toyota Camry$213 – $271$42 – $93$255 – $364
Toyota Corolla$236 – $301$62 – $103$298 – $404
Nissan Altima$71 – $90$53 – $89$124 – $179
Honda CR-V$299 – $382$82 – $127$381 – $509
Honda Civic$260 – $331$51 – $93$311 – $424
Honda Accord$150 – $191$55 – $98$205 – $289
Ford Fusion$189 – $241$54 – $119$243 – $360

Oil Pan Gasket expenses Submitted By ours Users

Compare your quote to other individuals from about the country to make certain you are gaining the best deal. The average for Oil Pan Gasket is $375