Shannen Doherty, aka Jenny Wilder, is for this reason grown up. The Little home on the Prairie star celebrates one more decade Monday. She’s 50 and also fabulous.

Some fans recognize Doherty as Brenda Walsh indigenous Beverly Hills 90210. Others are fans of her occupational on Heathers. She to be Prue top top Charmed. And also she to be Kris top top Our House.

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Doherty definitely is TV royalty. But the TV world very first became acquainted through her together Jenny Wilder, a recurring personality on Little home on the Prairie. Michael Landon, who played Charles Ingalls and produced the show, very first cast Doherty in Father Murphy, among his other projects. Then, Doherty found a clues in the tiny House cast for the show’s last seasons.

Doherty was 11 when she very first started filming the show.

So who did Shannen Doherty play? who was Jenny Wilder? She was Laura’s niece by marriage. By now in Little House lore, Laura was grown up and also married to Almanzo Wilder. Royal Wilder was Jenny’s dad. He also was Almanzo’s enlarge brother. When he discovered out he to be dying, imperial wanted Almanzo and also Laura come raise Jenny, his only daughter.


Little home Star Laura Gilbert called Shannen Doherty she ‘Shadow’

Melissa Gilbert, in her publication Praire Tale, wrote:

“Shannen, climate 12, was an adorable little girl and really sweet,” she wrote. “In her pigtails and dress, she would certainly literally walk in my footsteps, following me closer than my shadow.

“She wanted to know what makeup ns wore, what jewelry i liked, and did I prefer my Jordache jeans or my Calvins?” Gilbert wrote. “She looked up to me also though ns was in countless ways, tho a child myself. In fact, she offered to say she want to be similar to me when she grew up.” 

Shannen Doherty necessary some acting heft come play this young girl top top the show. Jenny was so upper heart over she father’s fatality that she wanted to die, too. She tries self-destruction by drowning, reasoning that once she dies, she have the right to be in heaven through her dad. But her girlfriend Jeb rescues her. And also Jeb no know exactly how to swim.

Also on Show: Crazed Farmer carry away Gilbert, Doherty

There was an additional consequential episode v Jenny. This time it associated Aunt Laura, who likewise is her brand-new adopted mother. The 2 were kidnapped by thomas Stark, a farmer who’d just been denied a loan. Stark shooting his very own wife and also daughter. As he make the efforts to protect against the police, he found Laura and also Jenny. And also then he snapped, reasoning the two really were his family. Laura and also Jenny played follow me until assist arrived. Stark was shot dead.

There was an additional consequential episode for Jenny/Shannen Doherty. She lost her locket at the bottom the the lake. And as she tried to retrieve it, she obtained stuck ~ above something. By the time of her rescue, Jenny to be unconscious. The physician told Laura and also Almanzo she more than likely suffered some brain damage because she’d to be under the water so long. A retired physician helps Jenny cure so she can return to a typical life. Shannon Doherty needed to stutter, limp and act together if she yes, really did have mind damage.

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After the present ended, Shannen Doherty found real reputation in 1990 when she joined the cast of Beverly Hills 90210. Yet maybe if no for Jenny Wilder she never would have perfected Brenda Walsh.