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Anybody have a chart or can suggest me come where find the diagram for the primary and secondary belts? Mine were shredded as soon as I choose up the tractor.
:MTF_wel: 216Newbie. View this post from the other day because that a snapshot of the deck belt :fing32:

Here friend go, simply follow the line approximately the pulleys! Also, on the JD web page just go into a number because that the item, i did "46" for the deck until I discovered the ideal 46 inch mid mountain deck because that the 200 series!
Current three running JD 322"s , Former: 2 JD 318"s one for parts only, JD 216, JD 212, 1965 JD 110My videos: come my wife Joanna, 36 year of Marriage! (died Sept. 21, 2019)

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