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procedures for installing a snow blade kit top top a john Deere lawn tractor, consisting of lubricating parts and also installing tires chains because that traction.

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man Deere lawn tractors have plenty of optional extras. One is the 46-inch snow blade. You have the right to angle the tongue left, best or straight ahead. You deserve to raise or reduced the tongue from the tractor seat, and also a floating activity allows the tongue to monitor the contour of the ground. Friend can likewise easily download snow knives on a john Deere lawn tractor.

Mounting brackets kit two 42-pound rear suitcase weight kit Rear tires chains 46-inch eye blade kit General-purpose spray lubricant

Install the Mounting Brackets

Align the holes in each mounting bracket through the holes in the tractor frame. You might need to remove the bumper to accessibility the holes. Download the bracket making use of the kit the comes v the bracket. Nothing tighten it increase too much for now.

Remove the Mower Deck

Remove the mower deck indigenous the machine, adhering to the manufacturer"s instructions. You won’t be mowing the snow.

Install the Suitcase Weights

Install the two 42-pound behind suitcase weights, adhering to the instructions listed with the load kit.


The suitcase weights serve as ballast to assist stabilize the an equipment when the snow blade is attached and operational. If you eliminate the eye blade, also remove and also store the suitcase weights indigenous the machine. They room not forced for operation as soon as the snow blade is not installed.

Add the Pivot Support

Install the pivot support by inserting the pins ~ above the right and left hitch plates right into the notches ~ above the mounting brackets. Download the pins, then totally tighten the screws ~ above the mounting brackets.

Install the snow Blade

Align the holes in the pivot support with the 2nd set holes from the end of the push channel assembly. Insert the channel pin right into the holes, include the washer and also secure the channel pin v the feather locking pin.

Install the lift Handle

Slide the lift manage rod into the end hole in the press channel assembly. Insert the lift connect pin in the pivot assistance bracket right into the lift take care of rod. Include the washers and locking pin.

Attach the tongue Pivot Rod

Insert either end of the tongue pivot rod through the blade pivot shaft. Insert the other finish through the lift take care of tube. For sure both ends with locking pins.

Apply Lubrication

Lubricate the lift handle rods and also pivot points through a general-purpose spray lubricant.

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Install the tires Chains

Install the tire chains top top the behind tires because that traction on snow and also ice.