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I"ve just purchased this gun in ~ an auction and also I"m make the efforts to obtain a rough estimate on produce date and value. I"m working on some good pictures that the barrel and action stamps. Serial # is 146xxx. To be hoping Sauerfan or someone else can give me one approx age on this old gal.

Thanks Sauerfan. Been doing some research study on these guns and I"m ending up being a fan as well. Below are a couple of pics of proof marks. What carry out they tell friend (beside the truth that it needs a good cleaning)?Anyone have an estimated value?

Hi kygun,thanks ft he photos. It"s a model I (1), btw. The proofs room standard German proofs the the time:Crown/S : proof for shotgun barrels (more precisely: proof because that smooth barrels)Crown/W: W = Würgebohrung = ChokeCrown/U: U = Untersuchungsbeschuss = final (second) proof through black powder. Imperial German eagle: first or pre proof16 within circle: room calibre, i. E. 16 gauge and 2 9/16" (65 mm) room length16: gauge the the barrelAs over there is no crown/N present, this gun just was proofed v black powder, yet not with smokeless powder.The large royal crown isn"t a proof, however a Sauer noting for fantastic barrels (found on literally every Sauer shotgun barrels of the time). The wild man with the club is Sauer"s trademark.RegardsMartin
That verifies many of my research. Ns wasn"t certain if the symbol above the U was a crown. Any kind of idea what the 282 -P under the serial # ~ above the barrel means? Also, there is a letter (J or F) on the underside that the rib. Many thanks for her expertise.Jeff

Hi Jeff,no, ns don"t know the significane the 282-P. Such number/letter combinations room quiet normal on Sauer barrels, so i assume, it"s an internal manufacturing facility assembly number or the like. And also the manuscript "L" (looks prefer a manuscript L to me) is probably an interior worker"s marking or the like. Something choose that have the right to be found on literally any Sauer total (no matter, if lengthy gun or pistol) the the time.RegardsMartin
Thanks because that your info sauerfan. I"ve emailed GGCA as well and I"ll allow you know their response. Don"t really recognize what to execute with her now as ns bought it for a distinctive field gun. Acquired a the person who lives the same day ns bought it yet wanted to number out what i had. Give thanks to you really much for her time and also knowledge.Jeff

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Here is the response I recieved native the German gun Collectors Assoc.Hi! I"m Jim Cate, Sauer consultant because that the German total Collectors Association. Many thanks for her inquiry! your Sauer was made throughout March 1912. The Crown W proof suggests your gun is choked. I would imagine that is boosted Cylinder and also Modified. The huge Crown rubber stamp indicates fantastic materials and also workmanship were used in making your gun. It is a model 2 having actually the Greener crossbolt system. The model 1 doublebarrels have actually only a "Doll"s head" that fits right into the receiver once the barrels room closed. Friend should have actually the chambers confirm by a standard gunsmith, however there is a strong probability the chambers space 60mm (2 1/2") in depth. Ammo can be purchased in ~ most great gunshops. Hope this helps! Please view the attachments ns am sending. JIM