20 tiny Known Secrets about The Olsens From complete House come the MCU, the Olsen sisters have conquered pop society for over 30 year — but their fame and also fortune has actually come at a cost.

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Olsen Family
2 of the greatest child stars that the 1990s, Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen began acting top top Full House prior to they were also old sufficient to talk. Since then, both their an individual and experienced lives have actually been the topic of lot media attention, and also despite the pair deciding come retire indigenous acting ago in 2012, the general public still can’t assist but wonder what these 2 media-shy sisters have actually been increase to.

Meanwhile, your younger sister’s exhilaration career seems to just be taking off. Despite she was only a couple of years younger 보다 Mary-Kate and also Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen made decision to postpone her desire to it is in a skilled actor until adulthood, which seems to have actually paid turn off in spades now as she"s right now playing Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But a lot has happened v the Olsen family between the earliest job of Full House and also Elizabeth"s job revitalization. Every household has that is problems, and when you include massive fame and fortune into the mix points can easily spiral out of control. You"ve no doubt seen countless tabloid headlines about the Olsen family, however now it"s time to separate the truth from the fiction.

Here are 20 Dark keys You Didn"t Know about The Olsen Twins.

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen
It can be hard to believe, but Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen are actually fraternal pair — not similar — meaning that they occurred from two different eggs and do no share the exact same DNA. Also still, it’s remarkable how much the two siblings watch alike, which is one of the major reasons the they to be both actors to pat Michelle Tanner ~ above Full House.

Though the has become easier come tell the two apart as they’ve gotten older, the twins keep that even from a young age world overplayed your similarities. In fact, Ashley is actually left-handed, while she sister is right-handed, and also Ashley likewise claims to it is in taller and to have had a freckle on her upper lip (which has actually mysteriously disappeared with age).

But have the right to you really tell them apart?

despite they have actually both to be the subject of tabloid news, Mary-Kate seems to finds herself the subject of sensational headlines far an ext often 보다 Ashley. A prime example of this came throughout the tragedy and fallout revolving about Heath Ledger’s untimely death.

The two were reportedly seeing each various other in the months leading as much as Ledger’s inadvertently overdose, despite unnamed sources claimed the pair had no intention of do their connection exclusive. To include to the confusion, the masseuse who uncovered Ledger’s body actually dubbed Mary-Kate lot of times before she made decision to dial 911.

Despite being in California at the time, Mary-Kate arranged because that some defense guards to come on the scene, and erroneous reports started to circulate that Ledger had actually died in among Mary-Kate’s apartments together a result.

Lyme disease is no laughing matter, and also it can actually it is in a life-threatening illness when left untreated. Therefore, beforehand detection is key to avoiding a majority of the symptoms, i beg your pardon is no something the Ashley Olsen to be afforded as soon as she uncovered out the she was currently in the later on stages the the disease.

In 2015, stories began to circulate that Ashley had already been battling the disease for years after the former actress confirmed up come a number of red carpet events looking frail. For those that may not know, Lyme disease is typically contracted v tick bites and also can lead to a absence of energy, joint pain, severe headaches, and even lose of memory.

Considering this, the no wonder that Ashley has chose to move away native acting and pursue a career whereby she can work at her very own pace if she consistent to fight this unrelenting condition.

17 Elizabeth is only on Instagram to make money

Often considered the many stable the the three sisters, Elizabeth Olsen took an active step far from acting throughout her adolescent years to focus on she education before she went back to the fray and secured roles in some of the greatest blockbusters of the last couple of years.

On peak of that, Elizabeth maintains a relatively transparent partnership with the general public — which might be a reaction come the wild rumors that regularly swirl roughly her media-shy sisters.

As a result, Elizabeth came clean around her factor behind having actually an Instagram account. While formerly opposed to society media, Elizabeth joined Instagram to prepare for a role, just to discover that having a massive following can likewise earn friend a the majority of money native sponsors. And also on top of the extra cash, Elizabeth asserted that more face-recognition will ultimately help much more people see her movies. Win-win.

We’ve all viewed the image of Mary-Kate and her look at mismatched husband, Olivier Sarkozy, the French banker and also half-brother that the former President that France. The couple"s 17-year age difference is definitely obvious — though not unheard of through Hollywood standards. But the truth that Mary-Kate is actually closer in period to her step-daughter is definitely awkward.

After a couple of years the dating, Olsen and Sarkozy tied the node in 2015 at a ceremony that was tiny and devoid of various other celebrities. When we absolutely don’t reprimand them for wanting your privacy, the wedding reception reportedly featured part unconventional table decor: bowls filled through cigarettes. That was likewise said that the wedding guest smoked all night regardless of the ceremony being organized indoors.

With every one of this said, the truth is that the pair has been with each other for over 5 years — i m sorry is no little feat in the celebrity world.

15 The twins had actually to stay fake teeth on complete House

anyone that’s ever before had to wear braces or retainers knows just just how uncomfortable mouth gear can be at first. Now simply imagine having to stay a similar maker at the period of five while additionally having to memorize lines and perform in former of a live studio audience. It sounds like a nightmare to most of us, but this is precisely what Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had actually to execute while play Michelle Tanner ~ above Full House.

The factor being is that even though the two fraternal twins looked an horrible lot alike, your baby this couldn’t aid but fall out at different times. Therefore, to maintain continuity indigenous one step to the next, the twins were both offered dentures to wherein while acting.

While the makes complete sense, the entirety thing still can"t help but seem fairly bizarre.

not a entirety lot of good can come from proclaiming one the your loved ones “your favorite.” when it may make the love one feeling extra special, the while likely an outcome in backlash from the remainder of your family members for a lengthy time. However that didn’t protect against Elizabeth Olson from advertising who her favorite sibling was throughout an figure on Watch What Happens ago in 2014.

The minute came when a caller asked she to pick between Mary-Kate and also Ashley, citing the she also had 2 sisters and that you have to like one an ext than the other.

Elizabeth was rapid to crown Ashley, citing the Mary-Kate forgot Elizabeth’s birthday that year — for this reason there’s a an excellent chance that the decision was a spur the the moment ordeal. Then Elizabeth quickly caught herself and also said she should have declared her brother her favorite sibling to save herself out of any type of headlines.

13 Plastic surgery rumors and alleged complications

despite Mary-Kate and Ashley i can not use admitted come undergoing any type of cosmetic actions themselves, all you have to do that look at a couple of before and also after picture of the pair to see the a variety of their facial attributes have adjusted well beyond the natural impacts of aging.

Though Mary-Kate’s figure has had a far much more dramatic readjust than Ashley"s, a variety of plastic surgeons have said that it looks like both have at least undergone rhinoplasty to narrow out their noses. Additionally, Mary-Kate’s cheeks and jaw currently appear an ext pronounced, saying a facelift.

However, that was in reality Ashley’s possible facelift that made headlines a few years ago, once sources reported that a liquid facelift caused necrosis — a problem that causes bone organization to die after inadequate blood supply, which makes it seem as though the risk of the procedure is much greater than any type of reward.

when celebrities constantly come to be the subject of tabloid headlines, occasionally what castle desperately need is a function that enables the audience to watch that their humility (think Tom Cruise’s rotate as the grotesque Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder). Thus, Fuller House could have been simply the thing to revitalize the Olsen twins" reputation, and we can only imagine the fun, albeit exceptionally corny jokes, that could’ve come v constantly swapping out the sisters.

But while the twins were asked multiple time to join the show, or also just show up for a cameo, they have continuously declined. Man Stamos, who also produces Fuller House, also said that Mary-Kate lied as soon as she asserted that she had actually just heard about the spin-off, in spite of the fact that she should have actually been told job before. This caused Stamos pull close Elizabeth because that the role, which likewise never ended up functioning out.

11 Their super expensive clothes line

in spite of not appearing on Fuller House and also essentially retiring from exhilaration altogether, that doesn’t median the Olsen twins haven’t stopped working. Ago in 2006, Mary-Kate and Ashley actually established their very own fashion label, well-known as The Row. While the pair didn’t desire to be connected with their apparel at first, ~ the firm began come gain huge popularity, it seems to have become the point that castle are many passionate about.

In fact, because the luxury fashion heat is marketed to the exceptionally rich, the estimated net precious of The heat is roughly a lining $1 exchange rate — an interpretation that the pair have small need to take any type of acting functions for money. For this reason while you can balk at a $6,000 coat or a $3,000 purse, it"s clear that the Olsen pair know exactly how to run a successful organization of your own.

it’s a sad truth of reality that Hollywood culture overwhelming glorifies the “perfect body” — i beg your pardon often way excessive thinness because that women and overt muscularity for men. And if you simply so taken place to thrive up in that culture — choose the Olsen twins and also countless various other child stars — you seem to have a greater likelihood to construct body dysmorphia or eating disorders.

This is an issue that Mary-Kate Olsen had to face head-on throughout her so late teens, when the actress was admitted to rehab because that anorexia quickly after she 18th birthday. Though her loved ones maintain that there was no solitary incident that triggered them to host an intervention, they might see that Mary-Kate was becoming increasingly frail.

9 They have a non-famous brother

if most civilization have heard the Mary-Kate, Ashley, and also Elizabeth, you may not have also known that the three sisters actually have actually an enlarge brother. James Olsen, who often goes by his center name Trent, to be born on might 6th, 1984 — a pair years prior to the twins — making the the oldest sibling in the Olsen family.

While Trent had a number of cameos play himself ago in some of his sisters" at-home releases throughout the mid-90s, it no look favor he’s been too interested in follow an acting career the his own. Instead, Trent walk on to attend the college of southern California and also eventually finished up working as a writer at Storm King Productions — a comic publisher that specialized in sci-fi and also horror.

On peak of that, Trent also lent his very first name come Mary-Kate and Ashley"s newest garments line, titled "Elizabeth and James."

while Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion line may be a hot commodity because that the top class, PETA has been repetitively none too pleased with The Row’s recurring use the fur and leather in their products.

In fact, PETA seems to have actually no qualms about blatantly slandering the pair -- launching whole site under the surname “Meet the Trollsen Twins,” whereby they room repeatedly described as “Hairy-Kate and Trashley.” castle even created a quick video, titled “The complete House the Horror,” which attributes clips indigenous Full House spliced along with animal cruelty footage.

Despite their disturbing methods, the company does have actually a point: making use of rabbit fur and crocodile skin in luxury items will only incentivize an ext people to death them in bespeak to make money.

7 Mary-Kate’s “friend” marketed a photograph of she for $50,000

truth TV star Spencer Pratt prides self in being a troll, which can be checked out in his appearances in whatever from The Hills come Celebrity huge Brother. But prior to infamy, Pratt and also Mary-Kate brand-new each various other through high school, though the Olsen twin maintains that the 2 weren’t precisely close friends.

Since then, the pair has actually been associated in one on-again-off-again public feud, which has affiliated Mary-Kate saying that Pratt “does not have actually a an excellent temper” and also Pratt saying that Mary-Kate is “the less cute twin.”

But the looks like every one of this might have begun after this photograph of a seemingly-drunk Mary-Kate surfaced as soon as the actress was still underage. Spencer Pratt open bragged come a reporter the he was the one that leaked the picture for $50,000 — yet with the truth star looking everywhere for attention, you deserve to never know if he was actually telling the truth.

unequal a most parents of son stars, the Olsen twins mother, Jarnette, didn’t seem favor she was overly interested in pushing her daughters into acting. However, she did have actually a friend who was a spreading agent and also ended up sending out in a photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley ~ hearing that a show was trying to find twins.

As the story goes, the twins secured the function of Michelle Tanner before they had also turned a year old simply due to the fact that they did no cry during the audition. That course, nobody knew how big of a struggle Full House would go on to become, and also for are afraid that her daughters would end up being overwhelmed by fame, Jarnette nearly decided to pull them from the collection after season one. A pay raise prevented the from actually happening.

5 The pair are into crystals, sage, and spiritual cleansing

unless you’re completely interested in different medicine, yes a good chance the you don’t understand a ton about healing crystals or smudging — i m sorry is one act that usually involves burning sage for spiritual cleansing. However, in an online interview through Vogue, the twins revealed the they’re totally onboard v these different methods, v Mary-Kate saying the “I sage everything, all the time” and also Ashley including that “we carry out love crystals.”

While many world stand behind this healing properties, science has repeatedly declared that the strength of decision therapy and also sage burning room really in the eye that the beholder. Basically, if girlfriend think they will certainly make you feel much better than castle will. So long as Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t trying to forcing anyone else to usage their methods, yes sir no factor to was standing in the way of what functions for them.

After seeing the turoulend upbringing that her twin sister skilled as a result of your fame, it provides sense the Elizabeth Olsen would question whether she want to follow in the same footsteps. This is no doubt why Elizabeth took a step earlier from show service in the mid-90s to emphasis on her education instead.

But after watching exactly how the media and also tabloids handled Mary-Kate’s battle with anorexia, and also how the paparazzi would certainly endlessly stalk the twins, Elizabeth wasn’t sure that she ever before wanted to return.

Luckily, after her sister’s windy lives began to cool down, Elizabeth returned to the large screen v a breakout function in Martha Marcy may Marlene, i beg your pardon earned the youngest Olsen sister crucial acclaim and proved that she to be willing to create her own path with Hollywood.

3 The twins created a $55,000 backpack spanned in prescription pills

exterior of increasing eyebrows over their expensive clothes and also their continued use of pet pelts, the Olsen twins also received a fair share that backlash for this 2012 animal leather backpack.

On peak of currently being made the end of Nile crocodile skin, the Olsen twins collaborated with well known artist Damien Hirst to create this prescription pill-themed extravaganza, which retailed in ~ a staggering $55,000.

With the pet pelt, drug-glamorization, and ridiculously over-the-top price tag, the Olsen twins absolutely succeeded in making their many offensive product to date -- though that knows if that was even their intention. But maybe the most repulsive component of this entirety story is that with just 12 backpacks available upon debut, yes slim come no opportunity that the backpacks didn’t market out immediately.

after ~ spending their entire teens in the limelight, we can’t reference the Olsen twins for wanting the paparazzi to leaving them alone. Therefore, anytime a pic is snapped of the 2 twins external of a red carpet event they’re often trying come shield their encounters or revolve their backs to the camera.

This inspired artist Laura Collins to revolve these photos into a arsenal of painting, which resulted in two NYC comedians making those paints the backbone of a bizarre pop-up museum that debuted in an exit doctor’s office in Brooklyn.

By every accounts, “The Olsen twins Hiding native The Paparazzi” exhibit to be equal components fascinating and also unnerving, i beg your pardon featured Collins’s painting, interaction displays, a recreation the the “cigarette bowls” indigenous Mary-Kate’s wedding, and also nods to various other socialites — all collection within the remains of a defunct doctor’s office.

1 They’re exhausted of gift famous

as if it wasn’t already apparent, the Olsen twins don’t seem overly pleased with the means their childhoods lugged out. And also can friend blame them? lock were basically thrust in former of cameras before they were also able come talk and also were subsequently never ever able come live out a typical childhood. Mary-Kate has also gone so much to say the she wouldn’t wish her upbringing on anyone.

As a result, the Olsen pair have ongoing to move further and also further away from the limelight. Castle hide from paparazzi, show up in very few interviews, and also they don’t have actually any an individual social media accounts.

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Despite all of this, the twins and also the remainder that the Olsen family proceed to be a mainstay that the public"s fascination -- for much better or worse.


Did any of these dark secrets about the Olsen family members surprise you? permit us recognize in the comments!