I have actually a Kenmore refrigerator design number 797.77563600 ~ above a plane video it comes up with no enhance I am having actually an error password on this frozen fridge ER FF

The error code er ff ~ above the refrigerator. On the Kenmore refrigerator version number 79577563600 .

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It is resulted in when feedback signal isn’t read for end 65 seconds during the evaporator pan motor operation.

reset the unit and also input test 1 mode.(push switch 1 time).

open the freezer door and check the waiting flow.*while an error password is being displayed, the fan doesnt work.status: svc actionno windy walk to 3windy go to 4

check the fan motor.rotate fan utilizing your hand. If feeling sticky, readjust the motor(cause of ice or rust within of motor)

check the fan motor voltage.

point an outcome svc action(1) – (2) below 12 v readjust the pcb(1) – (3) 0 or 5 v readjust the motor

mirroring 1 an outcome
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Thank you because that the informative video, this is exactly what I necessary to know! fine done on all videos, I have watched and also bookmarked several.
Denise Layne
Thx for another an excellent video. I’m a new ref. Tech
Great step by step basic instructions! Took less than 45 min to complete, Thanks!
Good video – diagnostics plainly explained and also demonstrated.
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Eric Shock
I have actually been enjoying her videos together they are an extremely helpful in learning just how to diagnose and fix appliances.
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Hello, mine dad fixed our refrigerator but said without your video clip he would have actually been lost. Awesome job on the video and the action by action procedure. Thanks
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Thanks a bunch. Aided me replaced my ice an equipment in 10 minutes.
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Outstanding video! i wasted a most time analysis different write-up online trying to uncover out exactly how to solve this issue… Your video clip got me top top the ideal track & fixed my problem an extremely quickly. Say thanks to you for this reason much!
This was by much the finest explanation on removed an outside condenser I’ve uncovered in the past week of feather up just how to disconnect or change out an currently unit. Many thanks a million because that the video.

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