One that the White mushrooms in Agrabah is floating in the air (left) if unmoving Mushrooms have actually a possibility to be encountered in Atlantica (right).

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White Mushrooms space curious Heartless. Lock wander aimlessly, do gestures as if play charades.

These Heartless are non-combatants. Instead they request that you usage magic top top them. This appeases them and once they have actually been hit v magic, they burst v joy, resulting in a large quantity if clear orbs and an item based on the last spell cast. They show up in various locations. The gestures they make recognize what you need to cast on castle to do them happy.

White Mushrooms will certainly make specific gestures depending upon which people they space in. The three basic gestures do in every civilization White Mushrooms deserve to be found are fanning itself, shivering, and also light over it’s head. In Deep Jungle, Halloween Town, Agrabah, and also Atlantica they will include a fourth gesture: Laying ~ above the ground, spinning, floating, and stops moving respectively. The finish of the civilization will have White Mushrooms carry out all these gestures. Above the table to watch what spell you need to use for each gesture.

Fanning itselfBlizzard
Light over headThunder
Lay on groundCure
Stops movingStop

They fall Shards relying on what order was cast on them. Casting the same spell ~ above the White Mushroom raises the opportunity of dropping rarer items and also does away with the Shards, instead it replace instead instead them with Arts. These have the right to be sold for Munny, but if you gain one the each arts you deserve to visit Merlin to get Goofy’s Dream Shield .

Rare Truffles¶


This is a rare Truffle spotted in Monstro (left). Hit that in the waiting multiple time to get tech clues (right).

Similar in appearance to White Mushrooms, despite colored blue and also yellow, they also are non-combatant Heartless. Rather of wandering roughly gesturing, the rare Truffle will jump right into the wait constantly. Probably its desire is to fly or perhaps it simply likes to bounce, either way it loves to be “juggled” in the air.

There space multiple means to do this, one is let the rarely Truffle get into a corner and also cast Aeroga ~ above Sora when the rare Truffle jumps. This will let the Heartless bounce up and down, you simply need come recast Aeroga to store it going. The other means is to run up and swing the Keyblade, knocking the rarely Truffle back into the air. It’s about timing this way; Jump, swing, land, pause. Repeat this sample to keep the rare Truffle up.

You get Tech Points per “juggle”. Girlfriend can’t hit it more than 100 times so friend will get a total of 5050 experience points if you perform 100 juggles. It’s prudent because that attempting maximum experience gain to obtain to the higher numbers, since hitting the 50 times results in just 1275 XP. So, what’s the suggest of this? To acquire rare items! Hitting the rarely Truffle 100 times provides you a 100% fall of Megalixir, Matsutake and an enig Goo.

ColiseumHercules Cup: seeds 6, Hades Cup: particle 46
Halloween TownBridge
NeverlandShip’s Deck
End the the WorldFinal Rest

Items don’t fall in the Coliseum yet you deserve to still collection the suffer if girlfriend want.

Black Fungi¶


A trio of black color Fungus deserve to be combated in the Olympus Coliseum (left). Watch the end for the poisonous violet gas the emit (right).

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Unlike the others, this Mushrooms will attack by spewing poison out approximately themselves. They just take 1 HP of damage every struggle so you will must hit them 9 times. The last hit demands to it is in a critical finisher or rather you won’t get any items. They have actually a 100% chance to fall Mystery Goo defeated in this path and an additional 10% to get a Mystery Mold which sells for 3,000 Munny.

ColiseumPegasus Cup: seeds 4, Hades Cup: particle 36
Halloween TownMoonlight Hill
Hollow BastionDungeon
End of the WorldFinal Rest