Q: walk Alabama have rights for an aunt if the mother dies?

So mine sister died and also she has 1 child. This child’s dad is living, however can’t acquire custody the a dog if he want to, and has had actually prior cases where he was denied custody of other children. The kid in inquiry was given to his dads mom and it was court ordered for her to keep us in touch with... Read more »

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Nelson Craig Johnson answer on Sep 7, 2021

If the Court stimulate assigning custody lays out problems that have to be met climate you have the right to enforce them. However, if the Court granted custody there is no assigning those conditions then that is most likely nothing might be done. Alabama has only recently known grandparents rights and also the law is tho a bit... Read much more »

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Peter N. Munsing answer on Jun 23, 2021

You say "any watchlist"-- a minor can be a human being of attention to criminal righteousness agencies. A minor can be on a no fly list. If friend are pertained to that friend are, friend would want to prevent social media of any type, border emails, and consult v a criminal defense attorney.

Q: Daughter is 16 and also pregnant by her 17yr old boyfriend. His parents are threatening to take the kid away native her.

His parents space threatening to take the baby away from she (when the infant is born) if she stop seeing him. He is verbally and emotionally abusive towards her, has displayed controlling habits towards her. She believes they deserve to do this based on what lock told she a police friend told castle they... Read more »


Shane Michael Oncale reply on may 4, 2021

If you wish to talk about this matter off line you re welcome feel totally free to contact me. This kind of adult on child abuse renders me an extremely angry and also I would fairly not air mine feelings ~ above this subject here as some may find it offensive. To begin with the ages, depending on the birth days involved, execute not... Read more »

Q: ns am 16 year old and pregnant. My boyfriend is 17. Have the right to I legally move in through him there is no my parents permission?

My friend still stays at house with his parents that think the human being of me, and I them. Actually, his family is a lot much more supportive of me 보다 my very own family. I would love to have the ability to move in with him and also his parents. But I am concerned about all the “LAWS” through things choose this in Alabama.... Read much more »

Sheila Crumley ar answered top top Nov 13, 2020

No you may not relocate out of your parents home into her boyfriends home. If girlfriend do, they deserve to be arrested for interference v custody and also you can additionally be charged as a juvenile offender for ungovernable. The period of majority in Alabama as soon as you have the right to decide what to execute on your very own is 19. However at 18,... Read much more »

Q: have the right to a 14 yr old kid get in problem for to run away?`

have the right to a 14 yr old kid also say no to going ago to the ar where the leaving problems are bad, also can a 14 yr old kid gain put in prison for to run away.

Sheila Crumley field answered on Sep 29, 2020

Yes friend can gain in trouble for to run away. Contact DHR and record a report and they will investigate. If there are devastating living problems they will remove the child and also put them through the neatest an ideal relative or foster care if there room no an ideal relatives.

Q: deserve to a 15 year old girl go to prison for running away because they space being mistreated ?

& can a 15 year old choose to live with a close family member that they prospered up v that basically raised them , since they feel the they are being mistreated ?

Sheila Crumley ar answered top top Sep 29, 2020

Yes girlfriend can. You can go to youth for running away.

Q: deserve to a 17 year old legally relocate out that his parents home at the age of 17 v out his parents consent
Sheila Crumley ar answered on Sep 1, 2020

No they cannot. They deserve to be charged v ungovernable or as a runaway. Great luck.

Q: have the right to an 18 year old legally move out even if her legal guardian states that she can't?

number of years ago, her father tricked she mother into signing over full custody. She is now 18 and has reached out come the mother and I and is wanting to move out of she father's house and also move in with us. We space willing come take her in yet her father keeps informing her that she cannot move out... Read much more »

Sheila Crumley field answered ~ above Aug 9, 2020

If she 18 she deserve to live whereby she wants to. They can’t fee her and no court is walking to do her go residence if she doesn’t want to.

Q: i cant obtain my 16 year old come mind me he has a girlfriend that is 14 and also he sneaks come her house while her dad ~ no home.

us live in Alabama what have the right to i execute

Sheila Crumley ar answered on Aug 9, 2020

Jesus! speak to juvenile and have the arrested because that ungovernable!!! He’s resolving to get into real trouble if that girl gets pregnant. Speak to her father and also tell him what his daughter is allow happening. Do anything to keep from your child being charged with rape 2nd and having to register as a sex offender... Read much more »

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Q: I've recently been offered a Paternity/CS summons. I'm willing to salary CS,can I prevent court, testing and also visitation?

ready to administer honest revenue info, yet do not desire visitation or parental rights. I additionally do no wish to contact the other parent or appear in court. Is over there a legal means to execute this, such as voluntary kid support?

Sheila Crumley field answered on may 8, 2020

Yes. You have the right to admit paternity and also submit her proof the income and they will certainly adjudicate girlfriend the father and also it will be over. Contact the attorney because that DHR whose name is one the paperwork you received. He will be may be to aid you.