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In action 1, scene 1, puns and double meanings are several of the most typical figures that speech. Metaphors are additionally frequently employed, in addition to personification.

Gregory and also Sampson , who are Capulets, have a dialogue around their intended therapy of Montague men and also women. They employ double meanings...

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In act 1, scene 1, puns and twin meanings are several of the most common figures of speech. Metaphors are likewise frequently employed, along with personification.

Gregory and also Sampson, who are Capulets, have a dialogue around their intended treatment of Montague men and women. They employ double meanings for plenty of words. While vowing come fight the men, they check out how they will certainly be “moved”—in both the physical and emotional senses—while phone call the Montagues “dogs” (lines 5–10). The conversation shortly turns to your proposed sexual strikes on the Montague women, together Sampson claims he “will thrust his females to the wall,” with “thrust” an interpretation the sword’s motion regarding the men, however for the females referring to sex, in this case rape.

The twin meanings continue in to the to words “maid” and also “head” (lines 19–23). "Maidenhead” is a synonym for hymen or virginity.

SAMP: "Tis every one. Ns will show myself a tyrant. As soon as I have

fought with the men, I will be civil with the maids; ns will

cut off your heads.

GREG: The top of the maids?

SAMP: Ay, the top of the maids, or your maidenheads.

They continue in this way a little bit longer, including the double definition of “tool” and also “naked weapon” to median both “sword” and also “penis” (lines 29–31).

After the an initial fight scene and also the Prince’s pronouncements, Benvolio describes to Lord and Lady Montague what has just happened. He uses an allegory and personification to define Tybalt’s actions. Come emphasize how Tybalt moved his sword quickly through the air above his head, he says he “cut the winds” (line 107). He then extends this image, giving the personified winds’ reaction: castle “hiss’d that in scorn.”

In relenten Romeo’s actions and his mood, Montague metaphorically compares the sunrise to the motion of curtains, and then extends this number of speech right into literal consumption to explain Romeo performing the opposite activity by shutting himself right into his bedroom (lines 132–135).

But every so shortly as the all-cheering sun

Should in the farthest East start to draw

The shady curtains indigenous Aurora"s bed,

Away from irradiate steals residence my hefty son

And exclusive in his chamber pen himself.…

act I, scene ns of Shakespeare"s The Tragedy of Romeo and also Juliet has many literature devices. Right here are three examples to get you started.

Pun: Sampson and Gregory open up the scene through a beat on words and also their feasible meanings, or a pun. Sampson insists the he and also Gregory won"t "carry coals," a means to say that they won"t take anyone"s insults casually. Gregory deliberately misunderstands Sampson, speak "No, for then we have to be colliers," deliberately skipping Sampson"s an allegory and using the literal meaning of a collier, or a coal-carrying vehicle, in his response to poke funny at Sampson"s earnestness.

Metaphor: as soon as the prince interrupts the brawl in between the Capulets and also the Montagues, he offers the an allegory of fire in comparison v the rage expressed by both groups of men. This compare emphasizes the hot-temperedness that both groups, and the out-of-control nature of their conflict, much like fire is daunting to restrain when started.

Imagery: as soon as Montague defines the plight that Romeo, that is sad and grieving, to his friend Benvolio, he provides imagery such together "the fresh morning"s dew" and "clouds an ext clouds" to emphasize Romeo"s tears, which room as copious together the dew, and his mood, i beg your pardon is together opaque as clouds impede the sun.

Shakespeare employs puns, metaphor, personification, simile, couplets, oxymorons, hyperbole and also allusion in act I, step 1 that Romeo and also Juliet.

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A pun is a beat on words and often offers homophones, words that sound the same yet have different meanings. In the opening four lines, the Capulet servants Gregory and Sampson use a pun top top the words colliers, choler and also collar. A collier is someone that deals in coal, choler have the right to mean anger and collar is the hangman"s noose.

A an allegory is a compare of two things to display the details quality of one of those things. When Tybalt start the scene throughout the opened fight that compares the servants to female deer. He"s usually saying they space cowardly and womanly (for great discussion that this line check out the attach below):

When the Prince breaks up the fight between the Montagues and Capulets he uses a metaphor to explain the bloody feud. He compares bleeding come a fountain: