A -- I began my research study by consulting Diane McClure Jones and Rosemary Jones" "Collector"s overview To Children"s Books, 1850 come 1950: identification & values Volume I" (Collector Books, 1997, 2001 worth update, $18.95, 173 pp.) and "Volume II" (Collector Books, 1999, $19.95, 212 pp.). These publications revealed the the Henry Altemus Co. Walk a number of children"s book series including the Altemus" mommy Goose and Altemus" Fairy Tales collection in the very first decade that the 20th century. I did not discover information top top the Wee books For Wee persons series.

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E. Lee Baumgarten"s "Price Guide and also Bibliographic Checklist for Children"s & Illustrated books for the years 1880-1960, 1996 Edition" (available from the author for $68 at 7181/2 W. Man Street, Martinsburg, WV 25401) list printings the Helen Bannerman"s "Little black color Sambo" dating earlier to 1908.

If friend had consisted of a photocopy of the sheathe and/or title web page from your book, ns possibly might have provided a an ext accurate date. Ns did inspect www.bibliofind.com ~ above the Internet. Details there reveals friend probably have a modern reprint of the 1921 Altemus edition that was part of that Wee books for Wee folk series. The contemporary reprint has 61 pages, steps 4 customs by 5 inches and has no date of publication. The 1921 Altemus edition has actually 64 pages plus four pages that advertising. The 1921 version and modern reprint edition attribute Bannerman"s illustrations. Platt and also Munk walk a 1935 edition as component of its Wee publications series, a title heat obviously gained from Altemus, with brand-new illustrations by frank Ver Beck.

The 1921 Altemus edition has a worth of $150 in very great condition, the modern-day reprint a value around $30, and the Platt and also Munk edition $75-$85. Add another 10 come 15 percent if the book still has actually its dust jacket.

Q -- I very own an armchair. The is box-like in appearance. The ago consists the four level vertical board panels between a level board stakes rail v a slim cyma curve top and a simple flat plank bottom splat. The next arms come right out. The chair is a trapezoid. The legs are straight square boards, separated by a flat board stretcher in between each. The chair is 20 inches wide and 39inches high. Ns am not details of that is age, however it belonged come a grandfather who died in the beforehand 1950s. What is its value? -- CE, Lancaster

A -- The picture that accompanied your letter indicates your chair is in the Prairie School, usually referred to as Mission, design style the was well-known from 1900 to 1920. The Prairie college is a subdivision of the Arts and also Crafts movement. Its unadorned, major rectilinear lines, often incorporating cantilevered elements, space distinctive enough to be designated a unique style style. Candid Lloyd Wright and his Midwestern Prairie school disciples space the leading exponents the the style.

Most Prairie school design-style furniture attributes rows of upright and/or horizontal slats. Tenons are exposed, frequently secured v wooden pegs or keys. Leather is the favored upholstery material. Stained or fumed oak is the most well-known wood. Typical forms include benches, chairs, small and big tables and settees.

Examples by firms such together Charles Limbert (Grand Rapids, MI), Niedecken Walbridge Co. (Milwaukee, WI), George and Albert Stickley (Grand Rapids, MI), Gustav Stickley (Eastwood, NY), and also L. & J. G. Stickley (Fayetteville, NY) command premium prices. However, dozens the furniture manufacturers do copies. Her chair is just one of these. Its value is between $65 and $75.

Q -- I have a vase that stands 16 inch tall and has a turquoise green matte end up on the outside and also glazed brown complete on the inside. The is significant "W. Germany 1215-40." I would certainly like much more information about the vase. -- DG, Beaufort, SC

A -- her vase was made in post-World battle II Germany. The color scheme suggests a 1960s or "70s origin. Based on your rough drawing of the vase in her letter, the form is based upon a typical asian form, a reality that support the shade scheme. "1215" is the mold number; "40 probably means forty centimeters high, i beg your pardon is around 16 inches.

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The worth of her vase is largely decorative, about $15.

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