Lowest scoring NBA game.

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In today’s NBA, points space coming in in ~ the highest rate ever. Just last season, James Harden average 36.1 point out per game himself.

This incredible feat is just one of numerous signs proving the players and also teams everywhere the organization are scoring points in ~ a greater rate than any type of other time in NBA history.

The video game has not constantly been played at together a high pace.

Prior to the 1954-1955 season, there was no shot clock, definition that teams can take essentially as lengthy as they want on offense.

gamings were finishing in dramatically low scores, v the final usually looking like the score at the finish of an NBA game nowadays.

The shortest score ever recorded in NBA background (prior come the shoot Clock Era) took ar on November 22, 1950,when the fort Wayne Pistons beat the Minneapolis Lakers by one astounding score of 19-18.

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Just four points to be scored in the fourth quarter, qualifying together the shortest scoring 4 minutes 1 ever.

No Pistons player scored more than five points ~ above the day,

but shoot 4-13 indigenous the field and also 11-15 from the totally free throw line was enough to pull the end a victory.

George Mikan would certainly score 15 that his team’s 18 clues in a loss.

The strategy of teams was much different from the 1954-55 season and beyond.


before the shoot clock introduction, teams might take big amounts of time just moving the ball around on offense.

If a team was winning (especially late in a game), time wasting tactics prefer the one mentioned before would be implemented…

i beg your pardon will commonly resulting in a slow-moving paced, short scoring game.

This all changed when teams were required to shoot the ball after 24 seconds.

This readjust altered NBA scoring instantly, with the mean of clues jumping from 79 points scored per game…

to 107 point out in just four years, with substantial growth seen after every season.

The shortest scoring video game to take it place throughout the shooting Clock Era took ar on February 27, 1955.

The Boston Celtics took the W over the Milwaukee falken by a score of 62-57.

Hawks facility Chuck re-superstructure led every scorers v 19 points, when Boston’s Bob Cousy and Bob Brannum score 14 point out apiece.

With the enhancement of the three allude line and expansion of the sports of basketball…

NBA games have taken on a entirely different scoring dynamic when compared to these short scoring games.

Considering the stats and numbers the are placed up through the ideal teams and also players in the NBA today…