Madison Pettis is just one of the couple of celebrities who started a job in the entertainment sector early. She is a model and also actress, and also she likewise voices characters. Her breathtaking power in the Disney movie, Cory in the House, shooting her right into the limelight, and also since then, she has actually kept win the hearts of numerous entertainment fans. Watching her act ~ above the screen, you have the right to see a mix of talent and skills on display.

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Madison Pettis profile summary

Full name: Madison Michelle PettisNickname: MaddieDate that birth: 22nd that July, 1998Nationality: AmericanAge: 21 years oldBirthplace: Arlington, Texas, United states of AmericaSun sign: CancerHeight: 1.57 m (5 feet and 2 inches)Profession: Model, voice actress, and actressWeight: 53 kgBody measurement: 34-24- 36 inchesHair colour: BlackEye colour: Dark brownMadison Pettis parents: Steven (father) and Michelle (mother)Sexual orientation: directly Marital status: singleSalary: $27,530Partners/ex: Bryce Cass, Michael Porter Jr, Jaden Smith, Kalin WhiteSignature: Curly hair

The at an early stage life the Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis was born in Arlington, Texas. She flourished up v her sister Antoniette Mia Pettis and a brother. Madison Pettis brother, interestingly, bear the exact same name as their father, Steven Pettis. She mother's name is Michelle. There is no concrete information around Madison's schooling. However, that is created that she commenced she career due to the fact that her early girlhood.


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She grew an interest in acting and modelling, and also her household gave her full support. Her journey right into the entertainment world started when her mom joined the yearly cover search organized by FortWorthChild, a local parenting magazine.

From there, the young Madison commenced modelling and acting in commercials in ~ the period of 5 years. As Madison Pettis hot an abilities became more notable and the number of modelling requests because that commercial increased, she parents work an agent to take proper care of she career and additionally opened a website because that her. When commenting on she career, she when noted:

I think that T.V. Shows are more like working at a home. You understand you're going to the same place every day, working through the very same people, the exact same cast and also crew. You're in a dressing room rather of a trailer, so ns think that that's much more of a normal sort of lifestyle.

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The American actress boasts of a terrific figure. Except weighing 53 kilograms, Madison Pettis height is 5 feet and 2 inches, one equivalence the 1.57 meters. The dimension of her dress is 6 (US), and also her shoe size is 6 (US).

How much is Madison Pettis worth?

Madison Pettis net worth is approximated to it is in $500,000 together of 2019. Except making money from she vocation as an actress, she modelling career also is an advantage to her. According to resources online, she average earnings as a version is $ 27,530, which indicates that she is earning in great digits.

How old is Madison Pettis now?

The American star model, Madison Pettis age, is 21 years. She was born top top the 22nd of July 1998, which means she would be 22 years old on the 22nd the July this year.


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Madison Pettis ethnicity is mixed. Her dad is an African-American if her mother is of French, Italian and also Irish descent.

Madison Pettis career

In 2005 and 2006, Pettis perform in Barney and also Friends as Bridget. She go not just act but also sang and danced. These acts left her viewers transfixed with awe. She additionally exhibited for Love Pastry alongside with Alli and Cody Simpson. She most far-reaching leading role was in 2006, in the movie video game Plan. She likewise portrayed as Bailey Bryant, the sister that Corbin Bleu's personality in the movie totally free Style in 2007.

In 2008, she had actually a minute position in Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!, and had one more in Muppets Christmas: letter to Santa. Additionally, she landed a trivial duty as Lorena in the 2008 will Smith movie, seven Pounds. Pettis featured in the same year in the movie, mostly Ghostly: who Let the Ghosts Out? and also its continuation, greatly Ghostly: have You Met mine Ghoulfriend? in 2014, play the part of ghost Tara Roland.


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She additionally emerged in one of the illustration of Hannah Montana Forever play the component of Sophie, the president daughter. She acted as Isabella Tyler in an illustration of The 4400. She earn a voice function in the Disney Channel animated collection Special agent Oso, also, she to be the 2007 Disney Channel anchorperson.

Is Madison Pettis in lab Rats? Yes. In 2012, the star actress commenced a recurring part in the Disney XD series Lab Rats. On the 19th of October, 2014, she took to her facebook page and disclosed that she would be guest featuring in The Fosters. In 2015, she got a voice function in the Disney Channel animated series The Lion Guard and its television film precursor The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar.

Madison Pettis movies and also TV shows

The following is a list of various television shows and also movies where the celebrity actress has appeared:

Barney: deserve to You sing That Song?;Barney: Let’s make Music;The video game Plan;Mostly Ghostly;Seven Pounds;Free Style;The search for Santa Paws;Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and 3;Mostly Ghostly: have actually You Met mine Ghoulfriend?;Do you Believe?;JerichoStacy Clemons;Cory in the House;The 4400;A Muppets Christmas: letter to Santa;Phineas and also Ferb;Are friend Smarter 보다 a fifth Grader?;Jake and the never Land Pirates;The Haunting Hour;Life through Boys;The FostersDaria;Parenthood;Late Bloomer;The real O'Neals;Law & Order: special Victims Unit;Five Points.

Who is Madison Pettis dating?

Beautiful Madison Pettis is no in a love connection with anyone at the moment. However, prior to now, she had been in several relationships. In 2009, she was in a partnership with Bryce Cass. The previous Madison Pettis friend Bryce Cass to be born in Dallas, Texas, the USA, top top the 21st that November, 1997. He is an American actor, and he featured in numerous movies such together The Guardian (2006), fight Los Angeles (2011), and also Line of Duty (2013). Unfortunately, the partnership did not last for a lengthy time. None spoke that the reason why lock separated.

After parting means with Cass, Madison gone into into another relationship v Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. Jaden and Pettis are age mates. He to be born top top the 8th of July, 1998, come Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, in Malibu, California, USA. He is one American rapper, songwriter, singer, and performer. In 2006, Jaden acted alongside his dad in the movie, The quest of Happiness.

He also performed in the remakes the The work The planet Stood quiet in 2008 and The Karate kid in 2010 and in the movie After earth with his dad in 2013. The turned away from the movie enterprise and decided to concentration on music instead as result of the vital planning of ~ Earth. Pettis and also Jaden disclosed their partnership in 2010, and also they were with each other until 2011. Pettis continued to be aloof from dating for a when after she break up v Jaden.

In 2004, she to be seen v her new lover, Kalin White. White is an American vocalist, who is widely well-known for his i know well hop and also R&B. Lock dated for a pair of years and also separated when they began facing challenges. Moreover, Pettis started having actually an affair through Michael Porter Jr. Michael Porter was born ~ above the 29th of June, 1998, in Columbia, Missouri. The is an American skilled basketball player, and he played for the Denver Nuggets the the national Basketball combination (NBA).

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He likewise played college basketball in ~ the college of Missouri and also was rated as one of the top candidates in the course of 2017. Unfortunately, Pettis's partnership with Micheal came to a halt in 2017. Similarly, rumours developed that Pettis was as soon as in a relationship with Cameron Boyce, one American actor in 2013. Still, both of them did no respond to the news come ascertain whether it was true or false.

From what is review so far, it is glaring the Madison Pettis has had a an excellent career since she choose a vocation in the to chat industry. Her capacity to exhibit different an abilities depending top top the need at the minute is very impressive. There is no doubt in the reality that she is on the path to ending up being one of the ideal actors of all time.


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