From what is Magic shaving Powder’ to how to open it, mix it, and also whether you can use it on your balls – we explain all


TikTok has become notorious because that thrusting cheap yet highly effective grooming commodities into the mainstream. Plenty of are concealed gems uncovered in the depths of Amazon or top top the high-street and the recent – called Magic Shaving flour – could finally save you from shaving bumps and ingrown hairs.

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Originally formulated for black men, Magic Shaving flour is manufactured by Softsheen-Carson. For more than a century, Softsheen-Carson has actually made beauty and grooming products for civilization of afri descent “to assist people of color celebrate their unique, extremely individual looks and styles, v the many innovative products, that have actually been specially design for your needs.”


It sell hair mists, conditioners, and hair dyes for natural hair, under that is Dark & Lovely and also Dark & herbal brands. Under its Softsheen-Carson expert range, the sells relaxers and also hair texturisers, and also the cut Powder come under its wider Magic range. Alongside shaving creams, mustache butters, hair gel, moisturisers, and more.


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Magic cut Powder 




Magic Shaving powder is what’s well-known as a hair depilatory. Placed simply, depilatories usage chemicals to nearly dissolve the hair an interpretation you can wash them away without ever having to shave. They’re an extremely common amongst women, indigenous brands including Nair and also Veet, and come in various choices for intimate regions, removing undesirable facial hair, and making your legs super smooth.


Softsheen-Carson sells four versions:


You can also buy the formula in razorless cut creams, easily accessible in both Regular and Extra strength formulas, as well as a new formula designed especially for usage on your head. Scroll down to read much more about this.


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What is Magic shaving Powder and how does it work?


Magic Shaving powder does the same job. That combines three chemicals – calcium thioglycolate, calcium carbonate, and also calcium hydroxide – which, when combined with water, break down a protein in the hair referred to as keratin, which gives the hair structure. There is no this protein, the hair i do not care weak and also snaps off through the slightest call from a scraper, a flannel, or similar.


According come Veet, among the most popular hair removed cream companies, mane last much longer than shaving, up to four days, because they dissolve the hair listed below the skin. They also help users protect against shaving cuts, razor rash and also bumps. The last being specifically common amongst black men.


Of course, every men get razor bumps – officially known as pseudofolliculitis barbie – yet a report from the American Osteopathic university of Dermatology found that as much as 60% of black men obtain ingrown hairs and also shaving bumps due to the fact that they have tendency to have courser, strictly curled face hairs. These hairs are an ext likely to curve and grow ago into the skin, resulting in irritation and also bumps.


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How come mix Magic cut Powder?


To use Magic shaving Powder for the very first time, you must do a job test. This is to make sure you won’t acquire an allergic reaction to the product. Open up the pot in the same means you’d open up a pot the paint, through a dull knife come screwdriver placed under the lip of the lid.


Mix fifty percent a teaspoon of flour with half a teaspoon of water. Use the resulting dough to a one-inch ar of her beard and also rinse off no much longer than five minutes later. If you don’t gain a reaction within 24 hours, it should be for sure to use it more widely.


Each time, mix equal components powder and also water to produce a paste and also apply come the locations where you want to remove hair. Leave on because that no longer than five minutes and rinse. Your hair should rinse away, too. You should not to wash your face beforehand, i beg your pardon is the contrary of once you shave. You can read more about this in our How to shave like a pro, follow to science guide.


People through sensitive skin will likely be best suited to the Skin conditioning version and also should prevent fragranced assets generally.


Do no use:

If you’ve used a razor or other depilatory product in the past 36 hoursIf her skin is wet from sweatIf your skin is sunlit or has actually been out in the sun for a an extensive timeYou’ve freshly used a shaving product that includes alcohol


Can you use Magic Shaving powder on your balls?


Categorically not. Magic shaving Powder must not be used on your balls or go anywhere near your genitals. If you’re trying to find a hair depilator for intimate areas, us recommend the nair Sensitive Hair removal Cream (£4.13) or the nads Hair remove Cream for men (£8.99).



Can you use it on your head?




It’s not advisable to usage the flour on her head, due to the truth the skin on her head is different from the on your face – it’s diluent and more exposed come the sunlight for circumstances – and your hair may flourish differently.

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However, Softsheen-Carson does market a Magic shave Cream especially for outright head maintenance. That costs much more than the powders, at approximately £9, however it need to work much more effectively so we think it’s precious it.