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April 10, 2017May 30, 2019 yellowcomic.comSub Dub Comparisons4kids, anime, comaparison, dub, dubbed, english dub, Japanese, magical doremi, wonder girl, Ojamajo doremi, review, sub, subbed, subtitles, witches

Plot: Doremi is a girl that loves magic. She can’t do any, but she tries. She researches witchcraft and also tries to do magic, yet to no avail. Until, that is, she stumbles ~ above an overview magic shop run by one old witch. As soon as she outs the witch as a witch, she accidentally transforms her into a frog and the only means to readjust her earlier to typical is come train Doremi to it is in a witch. Doremi couldn’t be happier in ~ this, yet finds the witchcraft is harder than it looks.

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Show Name: Ojamajo Doremi is changed to wonder DoReMi.

They remove Doremi’s opening narration. It’s the very same magical girl spiel of explaining the she’s an mean girl however practicing magic, hijinks and whatnot.

Theme Song: Surprise! The opening theme is totally changed! A good chunk the the clips are kept, but many are adjusted and of food we have actually to incorporate cheesy effects and cut-outs and stuff. The original theme is okay. The dub is, like plenty of of 4Kids referred to as themes, awful in regards to lyrics but a enormous ear worm.

A shoot of the flying flower is removed.

The sign on the witch’s shop is actually painted over rather of erased. Native what I have the right to tell, it claims “The Rusty Broom” The original says “Marika’s residence of Magic” I’ll get a much better screencap later on since only fifty percent of the authorize is displayed here.

In the original, Doremi is chanting ‘Puapu Arukuku’. What the means, I carry out not know. I looked the up and everything. In the dub, she’s chanting, not kidding, “Lovey duvey, duvey lovey.” This SDC is going come be more pain, isn’t it?

Name Change: popular music (Really, you called your daughter Pop?) is changed to Caitlyn. Or whatever one the the thousands of spelling sport of that name that exist for no reason.

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Oh mine god, Caitlyn’s voice….the pain….chipmunk…..oh lord….

After popular music mocks Doremi because that her miscellaneous crushes, she does that bii-daa thing where you pull down one eye lid and also stick your tongue out. Then she dad reflects up, obtaining yelled in ~ by her mother who is berating him for wanting to go fishing rather of helping with the housework. Doremi then explains in inside monologue that her parental constantly fight and that her sister’s in kindergarten. All of this is removed for every little thing reason. I figured they’d remove the tongue thing, however why the remainder of the scene?