The abrupt finish to the 2020 NCAA gymnastics season to be a shock to everyone, united state included. And while us understand and support the actions being taken to prevent the spread out of COVID-19, it means that a many us are suddenly left with extra time on our hands…

Which is why we’ve chose to embark on crucial journey, one that will take us ago through one of television’s most important collection to date: do It or rest It. Every Saturday (and a variety of other bonus days) from currently until the 2021 season, our editor Katherine, Kalley and also Claire will be breaking down and also recapping each illustration of everyone’s favorite gymnastics show. 

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S1E5: prefer Mother, choose Daughter, choose Supermodel

The ad that Hulu played prior to this episode starting was because that Jack Daniels whiskey, which i wouldn’t mind having a bit of front to beginning this episode. Alas, make execute or go without.

Emily beginning The Rock v her mom in tow. She’s there because that the “mothers meeting” because, together we’ve seen, fathers don’t have actually any role running this gym. Imagine a world.

Emily share the really real worry that her mom will awkward her, come which she dismisses her and immediately surname drops Sasha Belov through the not-at-all ashamed nickname:


She go on about how men are gross and also evil and Kaylie should never weaken her gymnastics career for a man since “if it’s real, love will wait, but particular opportunities won’t.” WHY DOES everyone ON THIS present THINK SEX IS tantamount TO THROWING her LIFE AWAY?

Carter shows up to agree, together he bursts from the closet and also asks Kaylie if they have the right to pretty you re welcome wait till after nationals for this reason she can safeguard her vulnerable body. Then she asks if they’ll be together forever and he, reasonably, says yes.

Welp, hope you weren’t looking forward to acquiring that punch front mount, Kaylie—maybe following time!

Balance Check

Every week us will failure the little moments that stood out together being incredibly on allude and those that wobbled a bit too much. Shout the end to Vulture and also its Gossip Girl reality Index for offering the template for our version. 

Faker Than having actually Sex providing Someone Gymnastics Superpowers 

Why doesn’t Emily ever present up to exercise in really gym attire? Minus 2. Lauren’s case that having sex to be the crucial element to finally being able to nail her prior tuck mount. Minus 3.“Wait. The girls require money to go to nationals?” Minus just 1 since while this appears like typical sense, that was talked by Chloe Kmetko.“Are us late for publication club?” Minus 2 for how consistently Danny Tanner finds ways to belittle and undermine the women and boost his male ego. Minus second point because that the unnecessary stop in this phrase: “I leave the absent in your … hands!” Ugh. That is the worst.Minus 3 for the entirety unnecessary plot heat of trying to convince Payson the only method she’ll be effective is by transforming her into a girly-girl rather of concentrating on structure her strengths. It’s sexist and also irritating and making my eye twitch.The head coach the a major gym safety his valuable time counting sit-ups. Nope. Minus 1. 

Total: -13

Realer 보다 the remarkable Feeling that Looking warm for Revenge

Chloe Kmetko not understanding why Emily is so no hope to keep the reality that she is a gymnast secret. Plus 3 because SAME.On the note, Emily’s mini-spiral monologue around needing to store things separate for her very own sanity made me feel seen and also attacked, so, Plus 2 for that as well. “I’ve hyper-extended both elbows, ns feel choose I have the right to survive losing my virginity.” Plus 2 “This wasn’t about a guy. The was about me.” Plus 5 because that Lauren owning her own sexuality and also being unapologetic around it.Carter responding come Lauren asking, “how carry out you know I don’t really favor you?” by speak “I love Kaylie” as if the both explains and excuses away his behavior is height teen young justification Plus 3.

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Danny Tanner gift so out of touch through his daughter the he presume she isn’t interested guys (when she is conveniently the most boy-crazy character) due to the fact that she’s an elite gymnast (does that think Payson is his daughter?) is really spot on. Plus 5. “No man, woman, or nasty blonde brat is going to was standing in her way. Friend can’t permit the Lauren Tanners the the people push girlfriend around!” PREACH. That whole pump-up speech was honestly miscellaneous most world I understand need to hear in ~ some allude in their life. Plus 3. 

Total: 23

Just favor Lauren nailed her new beam mount, MIOBI nailed that episode landing firmly in the plus group with a 10.


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