Scott Ross : He’s not your average nation superstar. Note Miller’s the founder and also frontman that the group, Sawyer Brown. But he no sing about cheatin’ hearts. Much of his music reflects his deep Christian roots.

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After more than 25 years together, the band simply released that 20th album, and Mark characteristics their remaining power to their uncompromising faith. I visited note at his studio in Franklin, Tennessee, wherein he speak openly around his unlikely claim to fame, overcoming his biggest fear, and also that name that’s topping the charts.

Ross: everyone asks the question, but for world who don’t have actually the education or space so knowledgeable… ns driving around, and I watch Sawyer Brown this, Sawyer Brown that. There are miscellaneous roads, lanes, and things. You’re no Sawyer Brown; you’re mark Miller.

Mark Miller: Right.

Ross: So who’s Sawyer Brown?

Miller: We actually took the name from a road right here in Bellevue, TN. That Sawyer Brown Road. When we placed the band with each other we come up with this fictitious name. Yet still come this day, 20 times a day someone will call me Sawyer. I constantly answer come it.

Ross: Is there together a person?

Miller: indigenous what i understand, the road separated Sawyer farm yard from the Brown Farm, and it ended up being called Sawyer Brown Road.

Ross: The team itself was developed where?

Miller: here in Nashville. Hobie and also I moved up indigenous Florida.

Ross: Hobie being?

Miller: Our key-board player. He and also I relocated from a tiny town in Poplar, FL, in 1980. We all met here. Everyone kinda congregated in Nashville to pursue a music career. We at first put the group together to play around, perform some studio work, and also make part rent money.

Ross: you look favor you may have made that (laugh).

Miller: ns think so.

Ross : The band recognized as Sawyer Brown was presented to America top top television’s biggest talent show...

Miller: Well, Star Search was the name of it. Ed McMahon was the host. I tell my kids, we were the initial American Idols, and they go yeah, right Dad. (laugh)

Ross: beat the old tapes.

Miller: It to be 1983, and also it went every the means to 1984. We finished up to win the competition.

Ross: Was that the beginning pad because that you?

Miller: that was. The was incredible. The was to see what the strength of TV will certainly do.

Ross: how did it readjust your life at the point?

Miller: Initially, i tell you success is a whole various animal, and also Satan knows our weaknesses. I think with me that just progressively tried to command me away from yes, really the kind of human who ns was farming up.

Ross : mark Miller grew up in a blue-collar household that attend a Pentecostal church. By period 13, he surrendered his life come Christ. A firm structure he would later on need to save him native the trappings that success.

Miller: with success comes pressure. I’m very competitive, and sometimes the is no a an excellent thing. It took around a year and a half for me to clear up in and say this is simply my job -- similar to everyone checks in and goes to work when castle come home... Because that me I had to act the whole celebrity and fame thing like it was a job.

Ross: They the the four large traps for world who do it – and also you stated one of them – is money, fame, sex, power. How have actually you avoided those pitfalls end the years since they’ve all come in ~ you i’m sure?

Miller: probably it was because i was raised. To today I’ve never ever drank a beer. I never ever have. I was always taught the was wrong. If you do something that provides you perform something the you normally wouldn’t do, then you’re not an alleged to perform that. More than likely the one point I struggled with early was possibly the power. Ns really didn’t struggle with the sex thing or anything choose that. It was mostly simply keeping myself grounded, due to the fact that Satan knows just how competitive i am.

Ross: How long have actually you been married?

Miller: Um…

Ross: Then i’ll ask your wife (laugh)

Miller: 17, comes up on 17 years.

Ross: You hope you obtained that right.

Miller: Yeah.

Ross: Yeah and also maintaining a marriage, two kids, gift a husband, plus every the other stuff girlfriend do, exactly how do you regulate that?

Miller: every little thing revolves around putting God first, and also my family second and then whatever else needs to come after ~ that.

Ross: Talking around the music for a minute. Exactly how would you specify your music?

Miller: In straightforward terms, it’s nation rock.

Ross : …And at times it it is provided a really Christian message.

A man hanging on a wooden cross giving every little thing to conserve the lost everybody"s staring not discovering what he"s going with somebody stated "you don"t have actually a prayer if you"re the king come on under from there" the man simply turned his head looked up and also stared. ~ “They don’t Understand”

Miller: I also wondered early on why God didn’t placed me in Christian music, cultivation up the method I did. Climate I had to pertained to terms through God requirements Christian bankers, God needs Christian teachers and also Christian nation rock singers. It really wasn’t a path I also wanted to walk down. I had actually no intentions of ever before being in a band or to sing in public in former of anyone. That was no my dream. My dream was to be a professional basketball player.

Ross: however you’re not 7 feet tall.

Miller: No, ns not, and also I establish that. (laugh) That’s wherein the road split, and I went to the right.

Ross: Sitting right here talking v you now, you quiet and also soft-spoken. What is that that turns in you as soon as you hit the stage?

Miller: well I grew up in the Pentecostal church.

Ross: Oh, over there it is.

Miller: Really i feel music. Ns feel it with every ounce in me. All with my bones. You understand something rhythmic comes on. There"s just something that comes alive. The various other thing is that i think the church I thrived up in, you really just learn come let yourself go. That’s what I execute on stage is i really have actually fun.

Ross : Behind the scenes, mark is a Grammy and Dove award-winning producer for spreading Crowns… He found the band and also signed them to his very own record label, coast Street Records.

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Miller: Yeah, they’re doing an extremely well. Ns embarrassed to also say that since I’m so humbled by what’s taken place in your career. God literally just kind of made decision me to it is in here.... Note Miller has traveled a roadway he didn’t select on his own. And he’s trusting God to store him there. My belief has grown, and I think together I’ve acquired older I’ve watched how huge God is and how an effective -- all the means from ours own personal weaknesses. I’ve had actually an incredible shyness. That’s why i tell friend it was never my dream to it is in in a tape or singing in public. Ns wouldn’t ever before read the end loud in high school since I had this remarkable fear. However I understand if God’s opened these doors, you have to get to the suggest where you walk approximately that door and say, "I’m gonna walk with this since He’s carried me come this door." i’ve done enough of the throughout mine life that it really has instilled my faith in learning that over there is a God. He is powerful, and He’s city hall over all of us. That cares for us.