Grab her TI-84+ graphing calculator!

nice job! This is covert Box #5!
prior to you begin: Be certain the calculator is set to default mode, as presented at the right. Fight the MODE crucial and be certain all entries space highlighted on the left. If not, use your arrow keys to relocate to the left and also press enter to highlight, as you arrowhead down the screen. Now, price the adhering to 6 questions.

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Box 5 - basic Graphing Skills: 1. push
. Which numbered an option shows the maximum number of functions that deserve to be gotten in on this screen?
1) 7 2) 8 3) 9 4) 10

2. get in 3x + 6 under Y1. Press. Press . I m sorry numbered an option is the place of the blinking "spider" top top the display when is very first hit?
1) ~ above the x-axis 2) in quadrant I
3) on the y-axis 4) in quadrant II

3. press
. Press
. Which numbered an option shows the preferably x-value checked out on the graphing screen under a "ZStandard" zoom?
1) 5 2) 10 3) 15 4) 20

4. through Y1 = 2x + 6, get in -2x + 2 right into Y2. Press. To find the intersection allude of these two lines, press , arrowhead down come #5. Move the spider close to the intersection point and push three times. Which numbered selection is the intersection point?
1) (-1,4) 2) (4,-1) 3) (1,4) 4) (4,1)

Both equations in Y1 and also Y2 are currently "active", they both appear when graphed. Turn "off" the Y2 duty by relocating over the = sign and pressing

5. push . To uncover the exact suggest where this role crosses the x-axis, press , pick #2. Move the spider come the left of the point, . Move the spider to the appropriate of the point, . Press . I beg your pardon numbered choice shows the collaborates of the ar of the role crossing the x-axis?
1) (0,-2) 2) (-3,0) 3) (-4,0) 4) (-2,0)

CLEAR both entries in Y1 and Y2 before going to question #6.

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6. "Intersection" have the right to be supplied to deal with equations such together 4x - 4 = 0.5x + 3. Form 4x - 4 right into Y1, and 0.5x + 3 into Y2. Press . The solution to the equation will certainly be the x-coordinate the the suggest where the currently intersect. Use the calculator"s intersect option (as checked out in inquiry #4) to discover the solution to the equation. I m sorry numbered an option is the equation"s solution?
1) x = 2 2) x = 4 3) x = -2 4) x = -4

read carefully!! multiply 83 by the product the the very first three answers. Add this an outcome to 84 multiplied by the product that the last 3 answers. Location this price in the address below (following the captial letter "GC"), and type the address into your browser to uncover the next concealed box.