Matthew Hallowell

Matt the Son

As the novel begins, Matt bids farewell come his pop, and also realizes together the quiet "coiled approximately and reached right into his stomach to resolve there in a hard knot" (1.3), that being alone isn"t a cakewalk. He knows he"s old sufficient to safety the house and fulfill his part of the family members plan, however he tho "reckoned he wouldn"t mental advice" (1.1) one critical time. In various other words, he"s a young male who"s old enough to be reliable with major responsibility, but young enough to understand there"s a whole lot that doesn"t understand yet.

Matt is a design son, even with his parents so far away. And while nowadays children might it is in worried the their folks will certainly come home at an early stage (thanks come cars), there"s literally no possibility that Matt"s mom or dad is going to show up anytime shortly (thanks to no cars). And also yet he still does whatever he"s an alleged to do. Inspect out these examples:

•He faithfully winds the unique clock his dad offers him, just as Dad asked that to.•He notches his sticks, even though he assumed it "a silly thing to do" (1.8) as soon as his pop told him to perform it.•He treats Saknis through respect, thanks to his father"s advice.•He refuses to leave v Attean and Saknis, picking instead to proceed waiting because that his family.•He creates presents for each of his household members: a cradle because that the baby, a cornhusk doll because that Sarah, and also dinnerware for his mom.

And of course on optimal of every this, Matt likewise tends to the house and also garden and generally holds under the fort. This child is seriously on top of things.

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But Matt doesn"t just do things to prove his loyalty—he likewise understands Attean"s loyalty, no questions asked. No matter exactly how mad that gets, Attean continues to be fiercely obedient and also respectful to his grandparents (check the end his write-up in other places in this section for the thin on Attean). That kind of behavior isn"t strange come Matt, and also he also says the he "accepted without question that the boy adhered to his grandfather and also obeyed him" (17.26). It renders sense come Matt due to the fact that Matt is specifically the exact same way. So though it takes them a when to figure it out, it"s really not surprising that these 2 super loyal dudes eventually become friends.

Matt the Boy

Sure Matt"s a great kid, however he"s quiet a kid. He"s only twelve-almost-thirteen when he"s left to survive on his own, so despite he to know the basics come survival—how to capture fish, chink up feet in the cabin, grow corn, prepare bread—he"s not exactly Man vs. Wild material yet. Why? due to the fact that being a kid sometimes creeps up on him and leaves him helpless. For instance:

•Ben takes off v Matt"s rifle. While the was a short blow, if he were older, Matt probably would have safeguarded the weapon. Adult Matt might even have waved a creepy old traveler on. Child Matt didn"t know what to execute though, and let"s face it: He to be pretty fear of making the dorn choices. The end result? No rifle.•Matt forgets come bolt the cabin door while he"s fishing. And also while every teenager forgets to close a door as soon as in a while, most youngsters don"t have actually hungry bears strolling about. The end result? loss of food and also molasses.•Ben"s got a killer sweet tooth. Literally. His sweet tooth practically kills him once he"s willing to raid a beehive for part honey.

No matter just how mature Matt is, there"s a tiny boy inside that can"t always be contained—and once Matt"s child side mister up, it pretty much constantly wreaks part havoc. Happily for Matt, though, this is one effective means to learn some necessary lessons.

Matt the Teacher

Truth it is in told, Matt yes, really doesn"t choose this role—but the truth that Saknis conserved his life pretty lot seals his fate top top this one. We offer Matt props for trying to number out amazing ways come teach Attean to read, yet we also don"t reprimand him because that cheerfully moving on to something else when Attean blows up and storms off.

What yes, really ends increase happening is that Matt the Teacher really becomes Matt the Student.

Matt the Student

What sounds more fun: (1) Reading and also writing in a stuffy cabin, or (2) dominating the wilderness through super awesome survive skills? chooses the second option (though we love reading and also writing), and also so does our boy Matt. He"s supposed to it is in Attean"s teacher, but he"s an ext than happy come escape boredom by becoming Attean"s wilderness pupil instead. And thanks come Attean, Matt gains some wicked—and much needed—survival skills.

But survival isn"t the just thing Attean teaches Matty boy. Attean"s strong opinions pressure Matt to rethink several of his own. A good example of this is Attean"s freak-out while reading Robinson Crusoe. Attean is appalled that Friday (a indigenous to the island Crusoe shipwrecks on) provides to it is in Crusoe"s slave, and he likewise thinks Crusoe is a pansy white dude, "working" so hard to endure with an entire boatload of supplies. These episodes initially annoy Matt, but importantly they do him think. Inspect out this passage:

to be thankful that he knew the book so well that he had the ability to see once trouble can be coming. One of the very first words Crusoe teach his male Friday was words master. Luckily he captured that one in time. And also it was true, Crusoe and his new companion go go about together, sharing their adventures. Only, Matt thought, it would have been much better perhaps if Friday hadn"t been fairly so thickheaded. After all, over there must have actually been a thing or two around that desert island that a indigenous who had lived there all his life might have taught Robinson Crusoe.

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This is a really huge moment for Matt. Why? He"s review Robinson Crusoe multiple times before meeting Attean, yet not once did he watch a problem with Crusoe being Mr. Heroic and Friday complying with along as a second-class citizen, calling him "Master." but Attean responds in different way to the story, and also in doing therefore draws Matt"s fist to both the absurdity that the dynamic in between Friday and also Crusoe and opens his eyes to the generally poor treatment of Indians. That sort of learning doesn"t come indigenous a textbook—and transforms a human in your core.

Matt the Man

Matt"s obtained a can-do attitude, but Attean thinks he"s a stupid white boy. Argh. The point is, though, that while Attean"s indifference frustrates Matt, it additionally motivates him to work harder and learn faster. He even feels jealousy creep in when Attean checks the end to discover his manitou and become a man. Why? Matt really wants Attean come respect that the method Attean"s elders will certainly respect Attean as soon as he returns.

And then Matt becomes a man in Attean"s eyes. By finding out to develop snares? Nope. By killing a bear? Uh-uh. By conserving Attean"s dog? Not also close. It"s when he (drumroll, please) chooses loyalty over safety, security, and even friendship. If you want to recognize why this method so much to Attean, though, you"re going to have actually to check out his evaluation elsewhere in this ar (we"re such teases…).

Making his manly decision is no piece of cake, yet when Attean and also Saknis invite Matt to join them as they trip away from the area, Matt risks pretty much every little thing to wait because that his family. Inspect it out:

He was bound to his very own family, as Attean to be bound come his grandfather. The assumed that he could never see his mommy again was sharper than hunger or loneliness. This to be the soil his father had actually cleared to do a residence for lock all. It was his very own land, too. He might not operation away. (21.29)

That take away some major bravery, don"t you think? but no matter how much Matt desires to hang through Attean together his "medabe—<…> white brother" (22.27), he can"t betray his father. Long story short? This boy isn"t walk anywhere… and also that"s true manhood.