: very careful about doing something in very accurate and also exact means He described the scene in meticulous detail. She go meticulous work. See an ext ExamplesHe keeps meticulous records. That is meticulous around keeping accurate records. She"s a meticulous researcher.Hide

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: marked by extreme or excessive care in the factor to consider or therapy of details a meticulous researcher

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meticulosity mə-​ˌti-​kyə-​ˈlä-​sə-​tē noun
conscientious mə-​ˈti-​kyə-​ləs-​lē adverb
meticulousness mə-​ˈti-​kyə-​ləs-​nəs noun

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careful, meticulous, scrupulous, punctilious average showing close fist to detail. Careful implies attentiveness and cautiousness in avoiding mistakes. a careful worker meticulous may imply either commendable excessive carefulness or a hampering finicky caution over small points. meticulous scholarship scrupulous applies to what is suitable or fitting or ethical. scrupulous honesty punctilious indicates minute, also excessive attention to fine points. punctilious observance of ritual

Meticulous has Fearful Roots

It may surprise friend to learn that meticulous is derived from the Latin word for "fearful" - meticulosus - and also ultimately comes from the Latin noun metus, meaning "fear." although meticulous currently has no "fearful" meanings, it was originally provided as a synonym the frightened and timid. This sense had actually fallen into disuse through 1700, and in the 19th century meticulous got a new sense of "overly and also timidly careful" (probably influenced by the French indigenous méticuleux). This in turn led to the current definition of "painstakingly careful," v no connotations of fear at all. The newest use was controversial among some consumption commentators in ~ first, however it has since become by much the most common an interpretation and is no longer thought about an error.

always meticulous around his figure in the past, he had end up being dirty and unkempt, through straggly hair, stained clothes, and also patches of silver- stubble on his chin. — Minette Walters, Fox Evil, 2002 She was really much the craftswoman, every her job-related meticulous, slow, perfect. — Simon Winchester, The Professor and also the Madman, 1998 In dense, meticulous disagreements … Brooten mounts an assault on the view. — Cullen Murphy, Atlantic, respectable 1993 He explained the scene in meticulous detail. he is meticulous about keeping specific records.
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Recent examples on the web The design team’s meticulous attention to aerodynamics ceded an exceptionally slippery traction coefficient that .20 – that’s a brand-new industry benchmark. — Michael Harley, Forbes, 14 Oct. 2021 This nonchalant demeanor belies the meticulous planning the goes right into pulling off their vision — and the unimpeachable results. — Billboard Staff, Billboard, 7 Oct. 2021 however what off Cole, 31, from other gifted pitchers in baseball, his team members said, is his meticulous attention come detail and also fanatical baseball intellect. — James Wagner, New York Times, 4 Oct. 2021 Born out of passion and also two years of meticulous planning, shed in Riddim will certainly take ar Oct. 2-3 in Sacramento. — Los Angeles Times, 27 Aug. 2021 Auburn’s new head coach is well-known for his work-related with quarterbacks and his meticulous attention come detail, especially with everything that goes right into playing the position prior to the snap. — Tom eco-friendly | Tgreen

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al.com, al, 31 July 2021 These initiatives involve dedication and also meticulous attention to information at multiple levels of an institution. — David Gillum, The Conversation, 21 June 2021 due to meticulous attention to detail, the was promoted to senior management, and served together a referee in the time-tampering psychological of She-Hulk in 2006. — Tribune News Service, cleveland, 19 June 2021 together meticulous attention to detail makes 5 Flavor coffee shop our choose for Portland’s ideal boba shop. — oregonlive, 15 Apr. 2021

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earlier, "fearful," obtained from Latin metīculōsus, metūculōsus "timid, apprehensive," native metū-, stem the metus "fear, dread" (of unsure origin) + -culōsus (in perīculōsus "involving danger, perilous")

Note: The senses "overscrupulous," climate "careful, scrupulous" might depend on French méticuleux, for which these interpretations are attested somewhat earlier than in English.