The Phantom that the Opera
at the imperial Albert room for the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

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Spectacular event recorded live and released ~ above DVD, Blu-ray, Album and Download in November

To mark its 25th Anniversary year, Andrew Lloyd Webber and also Cameron Mackintosh presented The Phantom the the Opera in a fully-staged, lavish production, collection in the sumptuous victor splendour the the royal Albert Hall through a cast and orchestra of over 200. Audiences around the civilization were invited to sign up with the celebration event on Sunday October 2nd when the occasion was beamed live via satellite to cinemas throughout the globe.

The Phantom of the Opera in ~ the royal Albert Hall” to be screened live in roughly 250 cinemas nationwide across the UK at 7pm top top October 2nd. The occasion will additionally subsequently be exit in the UK ~ above November 14th top top DVD, Blu-ray™, CD and also Download as a must-have anniversary release for pan everywhere. To pre-order, click HERE. The staged version has never been obtainable before to very own on DVD or Blu-ray, and The Phantom of the Opera original actors recording album remains one of the greatest selling music title of every time. For further details on an international DVD, Blu-ray and CD relax dates, visit www.phantom25th.com.

As well together the live album and also DVD, the 25th anniversary will likewise be marked with the relax of a one-of-a-kind edition The Phantom the the Opera 25th Anniversary celebration event box collection – a beautiful, 4-CD and also 1 DVD set honouring the 25th anniversary that the show’s London opening in 1986. Comprise the initial recording that The Phantom of the Opera and also its 2010 sequel, Love never Dies, packaged in a collector’s once-only design, and with the added bonus the a captivating hour-long DVD consisting of original music videos, rare interviews and also performance footage, the repertoire tells the finish story of the world’s best entertainment phenomenon.

An accompanying 160-page totally illustrated hardback publication details the compelling background of the present from web page to stage and beyond. The box collection comes numbered and with an exclusive medallion, as well as a replica of the 60-page opening night programme from her Majesty’s Theatre. A strictly restricted collector’s version is also obtainable with an exclusive hand numbered 200gsm silk print, celebrating a choice of vital poster artwork from the present throughout its history. This distinct version is only easily accessible exclusively from The global Box collection Store or the main Phantom shop.

The Phantom that the Opera in ~ the imperial Albert Hall” starred Ramin Karimloo together ‘The Phantom’ and Sierra Boggess as ‘Christine’. They were joined by Barry James as ‘Monsieur Firmin’, Gareth Snook together ‘Monsieur André’, Liz Robertson as ‘Madame Giry’ and also Wynne Evans as ‘Piangi’, in addition to a cast and also orchestra of end 200 and also some distinct guest appearances native Michael Crawford and also Sarah Brightman in a memorable final curtain call.“The Phantom of the Opera at the royal Albert Hall” to be directed by Laurence Connor with Musical Staging and also Choreography by Gillian Lynne, based upon the initial London production Directed by Hal Prince v Musical Staging and also Choreography through Gillian Lynne. The royal Albert hall was reinvented with a spectacular and also unique architecture by Matt Kinley inspired by Maria Björnson’s initial design. Lighting to be by Patrick Woodroffe and Andrew Bridge and also Sound by Mick Potter. The production was developed by Cameron Mackintosh.

Ramin Karimloo’s theatre credits include, leading roles in Love never Dies (2011 Olivier award Nominee and Winner the the 2011 those On phase Award, both because that ‘Best gibbs in a Musical’), The Phantom of the Opera (Theatre Goers’ choice Award Nomination) Les Misérables, miss Saigon, The Pirates that Penzance and Sunset Boulevard. Ramin had actually the privilege that performing together ‘Enjolras’ in “Les Misérables – A special Concert at Windsor Castle” to celebrate the centenary the the Entente Cordiale, in prior of her Majesty The Queen and additionally reprised the function for the 25th Anniversary celebration of “Les Misérables in ~ The 02”. Recordings include: his own album “Within the 6 Square Inch” and also the première symphonic recording of Love never Dies”. Ramin has actually signed with a major label and also is at this time recording his first solo album.

Sierra Boggess is right now starring opposite Tyne Daly in the Broadway rebirth of Terrence McNally’s Master Class. Before that, she starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love never ever Dies in the West End. For her performance together ‘Christine Daae,’ Sierra obtained a 2011 Olivier award nomination for finest Actress in a Musical. Sierra’s other NY theatre credits incorporate starring as the location character in the Broadway production of Disney’s The small Mermaid (Drama Desk and also Drama organization nominations and also Broadway.com award for Favourite Breakthrough Performance) and in the City centre Encores! manufacturing of Music in the Air. She starred together ‘Christine’ in Phantom – The ras Vegas Spectacular and also has been watched in the national tours the Les Misérables and West side Story. Recordings include the Symphonic record of Love never ever Dies and also the Original actors Album for Disney’s The little Mermaid.

The Phantom that the Opera became the longest running display in Broadway history on 9 January 2006 as soon as it commemorated its 7,486th performance, surpassing the previous document holder Cats. This synchronized with the Broadway and also the US nationwide touring company celebrating an extraordinary 20,000 performances in the joined States. In October 2010 the London production celebrated its 10,000th performance.

The Phantom of the Opera has actually won end 60 major theatre awards, including seven Tony Awards on Broadway and three Olivier Awards in the West End. It won the ‘Most famous Musical Audience Award’, poll by the public, in the 2002 Laurence Olivier Awards. The Phantom of the Opera, which opened at she Majesty’s Theatre top top 9 October 1986 starred Michael Crawford together ‘The Phantom’ and also Sarah Brightman together ‘Christine.’ it is produced by Cameron Mackintosh and also The Really advantageous Theatre agency Limited.

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Worldwide, The Phantom the the Opera has actually grossed over $5.6 billion. Package office profits are greater than any film or stage play in history, consisting of “Avatar”, “Titanic”, “ET” and “Star Wars”. It has actually been viewed in 145 cities in 27 countries and played to over 130 million people. “The Phantom that the Opera” is at this time showing in London, new York, Budapest, ras Vegas, and also Kyoto.