After the 1.7 update where you can not ignite TNT with your ceiling hands anymore, what space the other methods of igniting it? and likewise important have the right to Creepers ignite TNT?


TNT can be lit by fire.

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TNT ignited through fire


Lightning striking ~ above the ground at medium difficulties and up reasons short-lived fires which may be able to trigger an explosions. Ns haven"t been able to check whether lightning directly striking a TNT on simple or serene will still create the explosion.

Lava also causes TNT to ignite as the TNT captures fire due to the fact that of the Lava. Therefore does lightning if it strikes her TNT, it also causes the TNT to catch fire and also it will ultimately ignite.

TNT can also be ignited by a Redstone Pulse send the end by a Redstone Torch, Button, Lever, push Plate or Detector Rail. This is likewise the most common and also safest an approach as it doesn"t coincidentally burn any type of flammable products near you.


TNT can also be lit through left click it while holding flint-and-steel. In an imaginative mode you need to use right-click, otherwise the block is destroyed.

Another resource of TNT triggering is explosions. TNT can trigger an ext TNT, and also creepers, ghasts or exploding beds in the nether.

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Yes, creepers deserve to ignite TNT. When a creeper explodes within range, the TNT will detonate instantly.

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TNT or creeper explosions will cause TNT. I"ll gambling every nickel I have actually that Bed, Ghast, and also Blaze explosions execute it also, but can"t check that quickly right now.

If you collection fire come TNT or if fire spreads to TNT that will create it. This means lava have the right to ignite TNT..though mental the TNT needs to have one of its 6 sides free so the the fire can spread come it; a TNT block totally submerged in lava or surrounding by blocks will certainly not ignite.

If you room holding flint and also steel and you punch (left click) TNT it will certainly ignite. This is the cheapest means to ignite TNT since it will certainly not to decrease the flint and steel"s durability.

Redstone present will create TNT. The easiest means to usage this is to do a bar (one cobble block, one stick, quickly craftable without a table) and set it off making use of that.

I"ve tested every the above, and also you have the right to do therefore too conveniently by popping into creative mode or a check world.

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Acctually Lava in chin does not cause TNT. I have actually tried placing only lava and TNT however am unable to trigger an explosive even if together said above you have sides totally free close to lava. BUT! if you place wood or various other burnable item beside the TNT that item can capture fire and also the to explode is triggered.

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Lava can trigger TNT, it just takes a couple of minutes to ignite it.

Another method is to do a 3 by 3 through 3 glass donut, reduced out the corners, then placed TNT one-block-high around it. In 30 secs it will certainly blow up.

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