Because the united States has actually a ______________, the just candidates who have actually a reasonable possibility of winning an election space either republicans or Democrats.

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two-party system
Any party that has less assistance than among the significant political next in the United claims is a(n) __________.minor party
Parties that desire to express their discontent through the significant parties and current economic situation are well-known as _________.economic protest parties
Parties that break far from an additional party are know as____________.minor party
Who looks for to cause a change on one public plan mattersingle concern party
Democrats supportpro-choice abortion, favor strict regulations on guns, opposes privitization of society security, occurring renewable power resources together as alternate fuels, nationally listed universal health and wellness care, and raising corporate taxes and taxes top top the wealthy
Republicans supportstrict, structured immigrant laws and also tight border security, educate and also train welfare recipients to reduced the number of welfare , lowering trade barriers, military action to combat terrorism
In the unified States, a political party is comprised of a group of world whowork to obtain candidates elected to politics offices
statements describe types of boy partyA boy party is a party the has damaged away indigenous a major party and d. A young party expresses discontent over the state of the economy.

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Which the the following are major functions of one of two people of the two major parties in the joined StatesTo monitor the command of that is candidates in office and To assure the qualifications that candidates because that office
Over time, the ideas first developed by minor next are regularly ____________ by significant parties.borrowed
Membership in either of the two significant parties isbased on an individual choice
The two-party system occurred in the joined States mainly becauseconflicts around the Constitution produced opposing viewpoints
Minor next have added MOST to joined States national politics bycausing major parties to take on their ideas
The attributes of the major parties in united States national politics includenominating candidates for office, insuring the good performance that their chosen candidates, and also providing a system for the conduct of government
Which of the following groups has tended to assistance the autonomous party in current decades?blue colar union members
reasons why the joined States has actually a two-party system?Because the is the means it has always been and also Because american share plenty of of the very same ideals and principles
Both major parties try toappeal come as many voters as possible
When trying to predict just how an individual will certainly vote, the one element that is an exact indicator much more often than any other isfamily
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