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Born October 8, 1935 inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died October 26, 1984 inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (lung cancer)
Birth NameMarion Burnside Randall
Height 5"7½"(1.71m)
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Sue Randall was an actress who was born in 1935. Her primary roles to be television instead of motion images with Desk collection (1957) gift her just silver screen appearance. Sue"s TV appearances were mostly guest functions in programs such as The Twilight ar (1959), The Fugitive (1963), Bonanza (1959) and Gunsmoke (1955). Perhaps Sue is best remembered together the grade institution teacher "Miss Landers" in leave It to Beaver (1957). She appeared on the series, occasionally, indigenous 1958-1962. She make no various other roles before the cameras ~ an ns Spy (1965) illustration in 1965. This beautiful actress contracted lung cancer and also died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania top top October 26, 1984. Sue was 49 years old.

- Mini story By: Denny Jackson

Ms. Randall"s father to be an around the world known genuine estate consultant. Her phase debut was at the age of 10 in one Alden Park Players" production of "Dear Ruth". She graduated through honors from the American Academy that Dramatic arts in brand-new York.

- Mini biography By: open minded Moiger

household (2)
Spouse Peter Blake Powell(13 July1957 - November 1971) (his death) (2 children) James J. McSparron(? - 26 October1984) (her death)
kids Randall, Blake Randall, Kenneth
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proactively supported many charitable organizations and also social welfare programs, consisting of the multiple Sclerosis Telethon, reading for the Blind and Project Headstart.
to be a hefty smoker because that years and eventually was diagnosed v lung and also larynx cancer in 1982. Complying with treatments for the malignancies, consisting of the removal of she larynx, she died in Philadelphia ~ above October 26, 1984 simply 2 main after her 49th birthday. In accordance v her wishes, she body was donated for medical science to the Humanity presents Registry in Philadelphia.
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