Back in the early 1980s, songwriter Peter Allen was in a hold pattern above JFK airport in brand-new York City. He was influenced to come up v a heat that consequently inspired the theme tune for the movie “Arthur,” “The ideal That You have the right to Do,” co-written through Burt Bacharach, Bayer Sager and also Christopher Cross. Right here are the text of the chorus:

“When you get caught in between the moon and brand-new York City/I recognize it’s crazy yet it’s true/If you acquire caught between the moon and new York City/The finest that friend can/The finest that you can do is autumn in love.”

Christopher cross sang the song right into the heart of the nation, rising to No. 1 on us Billboard hot 100 in 1981.

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What have the right to it mean to it is in caught between the moon and brand-new York City? The photo strikes a romantic chord. If the moon represents the which is heavenly, spiritual, ideal, fanciful, then brand-new York City might represent that which is earthly, material, real and also gutsy. Wholeness the life is to be uncovered “between,” not in living in one there is no the other.

The moon shines upon the city, specifically at night; and also the city looks as much as the moon in wonder and delight. Both space in the same world… both space your world. So, what room you to do around it while you are analysis this as in a hold pattern? Take her cue indigenous the chorus of the song: the finest that you can do is fall in love ~ in love with both the moon and new York City, metaphorically speaking. What does this mean?

The Hebrew principle of the individual explains this well. Just put, a person is “a body-animated-by-soul.” One there is no the various other cannot exist. The human body is not just a covering encasing the spirit which longs come be free from its material weight. Nor is the body merely a body that has no greater purpose than its visibility until that expires. A person is new York City: all that is material around life is to it is in accepted, embraced, valued and also managed. A human being is the moon: we have actually a critical relationship to the One who breathed life into us to animate us with divine spirit so the we might live in relationships. Love is the take on of both in one’s heart.

There is a beautiful story of development in Genesis 2 (in the Jewish Tanakh and also in the Christian Old Testament). It images God breath God’s very own breath right into a bump of human-fashioned clay which offers spiritual (relational) life come the material which now gives it substance: body-animated-by-soul. We are to be in love through our whole self: the body and also soul. The material element of visibility is a gift to it is in appreciated, valued, and exercised to its fullest capacity. At the same time the spiritual aspect of visibility is likewise a gift to be appreciated, valued and exercised to its fullest capacity.

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The capacity of the product is realized as soon as we live fine in community with one another. The capacity of the spirituality is realized once we live fine in neighborhood with God, whose meaning may certainly be elusive, yet whose reality gives origin and also purpose for specifying us. “Caught between the moon and brand-new York City” in this way gives rise to ethics, religion, society and civilization. In a sense then, we have the right to be grateful for such a holding pattern.

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