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Naruto RPG 2: Chidori vs. Rasengan is a sequel come Naruto RPG: Uketsugareshi hi no Ishi because that GBA. This game takes location from episode 81- 135 i m sorry is after ~ the fight between Naruto and Gaara. uneven its predecessor, this gamings provides some brand-new features the make the game a little more exciting. In the very first game, the story relocated too slowly by doing part worthless missions before the actual story began, this video game does away with that through just getting to the point. While staying true to the anime, part scenes that take place and also a few areas room exclusive to this game which can be thought about a great or bad thing come some. The battle system obtained cleaned increase a bit. Not only did all the characters get redrawn sprites, they likewise have a lot of new moves come boot. A new feature in battles is the capacity to move about on the field, through this function you can move approximately on a 3x4 grid come come up through some strategies, one important thing to understand is moving in the prior row permits characters come deliver an ext damage to enemies while lowering your defense vice versa, the back row decreases their attack power but increases their defense. Character movement wont it seems to be ~ that crucial in arbitrarily encounters yet boss battles are another story. The next function is the usage of touch display controls v the stylus. In Naruto RPG, the was sort of pain to pull turn off button mix everytime you want to a jutsu or unique attack. RPG2 walk away with that by permitting jutsus to it is in pulled turn off by rubbing the touchscreen conveniently with the stylus. To be honest , ns don"t like this feature because not just does the badly damages the touch screen, it"s also hard come pull turn off maximum toughness jutsus with reduced leveled characters. The last feature is the capacity to carry up to 6 characters in battle, 3 to fight and also 3 for backup. This makes battles a bit more fresh if friend get worn down of spamming the same assaults with her 3 favourite characters and enables for easy switching during battles at anytime. I would say the difficulty is a blended bag. Many of the arbitrarily encounters have the right to be beaten quickly but after that in the video game this will change even with higher leveled characters. Boss battle on the various other hand, room ridiculously difficult most of time. Having overpowered stats and also godly HP is plain unfair. It"s takes numerous blows indigenous a characters best jutsu and all your teammates (6 in all) to take one 1 boss. The ideal thing around this game is it functions a ton that Naruto characters, end 20 to be specific which is 3 times more than the first one (6 characters and 1 secret). It has actually your favourites like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, absent Lee, Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, Chouji, Hinata, Gaara and also a few others with all of their signature jutsus intact. rent or BUY? I would say buy. However if you"ve played course of Ninja because that DS (enhanced harbor of the GBA game Naruto RPG) it yes, really isn"t worth it uneven you want to beat the game to the where the anime left off. The game likewise has a lot of of an enig characters to offer the video game some replayability.

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If you"re interested in buying it, it"s usually $20 top top