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By Charles White
Kakashi ends up taking Naruto ago to the Leaf village to acquire his wounds treated. When we get to the Leaf town hospital we uncover out that everyone, but Shikamaru is in bad condition.

Shikamaru and Temari finish up wait in the waiting room the the hospital. Shikamaru is emotion guilty not only for the failure of his mission, however that his leadership might possibly have killed one of his comrades. It appears to be acquisition such a toll fee on him the he does no feel prefer he deserves to it is in the leader the a team or a Shinobi in ~ all. Gift in the waiting room v Temari isn't an easy thing probably, since she came off together making funny of him a little, yet that's just Temari gift herself. You could see that she was rather regretful about maybe hurting his feeling and also she even looked choose she feel sorry for him. Shikamaru finds out that every one of his teammates room alive and healing. Tsunade clues his mission a failure of course, yet compliments him on his team staying alive. The reaction indigenous Shikamaru to be a great moment when you check out the tears running under his face and him promising that the following mission will certainly go better shows just just how much that cares around his comrades and is just an additional reason why Shikamaru is together a good leader.

Naruto's reunion through Sakura was a little awkward through Naruto feeling guilty for no bringing Sasuke earlier as the promised. Sakura was of food disappointed that Sasuke is no back, however pretended the she to be okay. The voice actor that plays Sakura go a very good job of playing it off prefer it to be okay, but making certain that we could hear the uncertainness and sadness that Sakura was emotion through simply her voice. Even though Sasuke wasn't earlier you would think that Sakura would certainly be happy to watch Naruto earlier alive and also well and even despite she wasn't horribly average to her, it would have actually been pretty to see her maybe a little bit happier to see Naruto particularly after the fight he put up to lug Sasuke back. i think we deserve to all agree the the best component of the episode was when Jiraiya verified up. He had some huge news. He told Naruto that the Akatsuki want the nine-tails fox power, which we knew, but that they would be comes after that in around 3-4 years. Jiraiya supplies Naruto the possibility to be his just student and also that he would train that for as soon as the Akatsuki comes for him, however only if he gave up on detect Sasuke. This end up resulting in a flashback of a young Jiraiya and Orochimaru battling each other and apparently, it took location the same day the Orochimaru walk rogue. The similarities between Naruto and Jiraiya continue and it can be why Jiraiya that is most likely the reason why Jiraiya has a soft spot because that Naruto. Jiraiya tries to plead his case around Naruto walk to obtain Sasuke, however Naruto refuses to avoid going after ~ Sasuke. Versus his much better judgment, Jiraiya decides to teach that anyway.


speaking of Sasuke, we acquired a somewhat quick clip of the making it come Orochimaru's whereby he is not being that great of a houseguest with his smart comments. Sasuke's mind is focusing only top top obtaining power to loss Itachi. Sasuke is a bit naive despite to think that Orochimaru desires to give him power with almost nothing in return. His revenge against his brothers clouds his mental making him no really think also hard around it when he has actually an chance that aids him in taking out Itachi. This is why it to be so an excellent to view him not kill Naruto, since it to be a decision made without letting revenge cloud his judgment. It is a shame the he has actually no idea why Orochimaru really wants to usage him. Since Orochimaru will not have the ability to switch bodies for rather some time, he will just have to attend to Sasuke. It will be interesting to check in on the 2 occasionally. We likewise got a scene v all the members of the Akatsuki in a meeting. Even though us did no see any kind of of their faces, they were still terrifying. They shown what Jiraiya had already confirmed, but additionally that they were planning on handling Orochimaru eventually. It would be exciting to check out Orochimaru confront off against someone else. We have actually seen the in simply one fight unless you count the Chunin exams whereby we can assume he was not utilizing his complete power. The assumed of anyone having actually the organs to seek out Orochimaru is scary period, because noticeable that human being thinks they space stronger then him and the thought of someone evil and also just as strong as Orochimaru is interesting. The ending was possibly the best component of this episode. Now we have a timeline for once the Akatsuki will certainly come. Three years is along time for united state to wait. I would favor to hope the it go by fast. It have to be interesting to check out Naruto's development, because under Jiraiya's training he can only get better. This illustration wasn't yes, really action-packed and also really just served as an after-effects episode letting united state know just how everyone fared after your battles versus The Sound Five. The just gripe against the episode would be that us didn't gain to see just how Gaara, Kankuro or rock Lee were, but they to be pretty lot unharmed come a degree so i guess there really wasn't too lot of a reason to display them. It was still a good episode and also now the tough component is going come be waiting for the Akatsuki to act, but it need to be interesting to see what wake up up until then. This was rather the exciting episode.

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It is always an excellent to be back in the village. We know what Naruto is fighting because that from below on out now the funny is watching to see how he it s okay there.