At part point, every car will run right into some problem, nevertheless of exactly how reliable that is. One common issue through vehicles is failing to start. The Nissan Titan is no exception, and also we’ve gone ahead and researched why your Titan might not be beginning and what come do around it.

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Your Nissan Titan might not begin for a variety of reasons. This can variety from straightforward fixes you deserve to do you yourself to major problems whereby a expert is required. The many common reasons include:

Dead BatteryEmpty Fuel TankStarter FailureIPDM Relay ProblemsInternal automobile Damage

These issues carry out a checklist for troubleshooting your Titan’s diagnosis for not-starting. Going forward in this article, we will comment on these concerns in higher detail, price some usual questions around the Nissan Titan not starting up, and also cover some essential warranty details on Nissan Titan. We encourage you come read further to obtain as much info as possible.


Dead Battery

One the the most typical reasons a vehicle won’t start is a dead battery. If you leave your lights or electronic devices on there is no driving often, the can drain your battery. Corrosion and loose connections can also cause her battery come fail.

The an initial step girlfriend take have to be to inspect your battery wires and connections for corrosion. A corroded battery will have to be replaced, as will any damaged wires. Old corrosion will look favor a bubbly liquid has dried top top the battery or coated your wires.


Assuming there isn’t any kind of corrosion, you have the right to move come the next steps. If you have actually one available, check your battery charge v a tester. These tell friend if her battery has a fee or not. If your battery has a charge, yet your Titan won’t start, then the trouble lies elsewhere.


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When your battery has actually no charge, the easiest alternative is to charge it. Girlfriend should constantly carry jumper cables in her vehicle. Either use these or a battery charging kit to fee up your battery and also then try to begin your vehicle.


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Empty Fuel Tank

It might be embarrassing, yet it’s pretty usual to run out of gas accidentally. Maybe you simply forgot once you acquired in a hurry or her fuel gauge isn’t reading properly. Either way, a absence of fuel will reason your Titan not to start.

Most the the time, you deserve to simply placed gas in her tank, and also your truck will start. Call AAA or a girlfriend to lug you some if needed. If your truck continues to fail come start, fuel might not have been the issue.

Starter Failure

Over time the starter in your truck will wear down. Usually, when the starter is not working, her engine will make a according to clicking noise once you revolve it over. ~ checking her battery and also fuel tank, the starter is a good next action to detect why her engine isn’t starting.

Keep in psychic a damaged starter cannot be fixed and also must it is in replaced. You have the right to manually test her starter yourself by applying a charge to it or have actually it professionally inspected. In stimulate to check your starter, you’ll need to know where it is.

Where is the Starter on a Nissan Titan?

Nissan Titans native 2004 to 2015 have actually their starter located underneath the input manifold in the engine compartment. Its location makes checking and also replacing it more daunting than on various other vehicles, so it might be a good idea to have a professional check it out. Because that those interested in doing this yourself however not sure exactly how to, check out this YouTube accuse for just how to acquire to your starter.

IPDM Relay Problems

What is IPDM relay?

IPDM is a Nissan acronym which stands for intelligent power circulation module. The IPDM relay combine the relay box and fuse box. Overall, it controls most electrical components in the auto through circuits, permitting for a less complicated diagnosis when difficulties arise.

Because the IPDM relay controls the ON and OFF attributes of electrical circuits, fail in this relay can cause your engine no to start. If you’ve got a good battery and your starter is in an excellent shape, climate this could be her issue. While there room identifiable symptoms of IPDM failure, it appears as though they resemble others.

Symptoms that IPDM failure include sputtering, dying after starting, dice but starting up normally later, and also rough idling. Some of these are also common symptoms of other issues, so it is essential to examine through all feasible issues thoroughly. If your IPDM relay is the cause of her truck no starting, it may need to be replaced. Nevertheless of this, however, a professional will must do this work.

Internal car Damage

Several things can cause internal damage to her vehicle. Regular wear and tear can cause parts to wear under or break. Sometimes pets will rise inside her engine compartment and chew top top wires. If you operation over road hazards, pieces deserve to fly up and also damage parts in your vehicle. Also normal driving causes vibrations, which can loosen relationships for solution in the vehicle.

A loosened connection is the simplest fix. Simply tightening the connection should restore function. However, in most actual internal damages cases, your just option might be towing your truck to a mechanic. This consists of damaged wires and parts. You’ll need to have these parts replaced ASAP. Call AAA in this case, as they can frequently offer towing assistance and even change some parts on the spot.

Not any of these Problems?

If every else fails, take your truck come a skilled mechanic or your dealer. While many of the over issues have the right to be diagnosed and also fixed through yourself, no every situation can be handled this way. Overheating her engine deserve to lead to melt pistons or other parts that you cannot determine independently. If you have checked through this list and also found you can’t recognize the difficulty or the is none of this issues, you must consult a trusted mechanic.

Other typical Nissan Titan Troubleshooting Questions


How carry out you reset the ECU ~ above Nissan Titan?

If possible, placed your Titan into limp mode. It provides the reset that the ECU smoother.

Here is a step by step guide for resetting the ECU, listed

1. Rotate the ignition crucial to the top top position.2. ~ 3 seconds, pump the gas pedal 5 times.3. ~ 10 seconds, hold the gas pedal come the floor because that 12 seconds.4. Release gas pedal for 10 seconds.5. Hold the gas pedal ~ above the floor for one more 10 seconds.6. Revolve the truck’s engine OFF, wait 10 seconds, and re-start the vehicle.

Does Nissan Titan have remote start?

Nissan Titans started to sell remote start in your 2018 Pro-4x, SL, and also Platinum models. Remote begin comes conventional on more recent models together well. While not difficult, the remote start can be tricky if girlfriend arent used to it. Check your hands-on for the procedures to begin your vehicle. However, the remote begin buttons are situated on her keyfob nevertheless of the vehicle model.

Nissan Titan Warranty


Nissan offers possibly the best warranty because that pickups on the market. Save in psychic that regular maintenance and also normal wear and also tear is not spanned in any of these warranties. Because that information regarding the cost of a brand-new Nissan Titan and also other trucks, examine out our short article “How lot Does A new Pickup van Cost?.”

Bumper come Bumper

Nissan provides a bumper come bumper guarantee for 5 years or 100,000 mile on every pickups. This consists of all manufacturer parts, native the electrical systems come the doors. If this sounds great (and the is), this only covers part defects and failures, not common wear and also tear. So save that in mind once pursuing repairs.


The powertrain vouch matches the bumper come bumper in the it big for five years or 100,000 miles. However, uneven the former, the powertrain warranty concentrates specifically ~ above the drivetrain, engine, transmission, and restraint system. This consists of quite a few parts the could reason your truck no to start.


Nissan likewise throws in a warranty against corrosion of components for the an initial five year after acquisition with an countless mile maximum. This one is less complex and basically covers any kind of rust breakthrough in the automobile panels for the very first five years after purchase.

Roadside Assistance

Titan owners have access to 24/7 roadside assistance provided by Nissan have to your truck break down. Lock cover towing her truck come the nearest dealer because that repairs and, relying on the distance from home, can also cover some travel costs. Consisted of in this is a concierge company for hotel reservations and also location services to uncover dealers, gas stations, and other places.

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Nissan Titan Not beginning – What could Be Wrong?

Overall, there are quite a few things that could reason your Nissan Titan to not appropriately start. Most of the typical issues, though, can be diagnosed and also even solved on your own. After analysis this article, you should have actually a good idea of where to start trying to find the reason of your truck not starting. Remember to call your dealer for particular warranty information and also to take your Titan to a trusted mechanic or dealer if friend cannot resolve the concern on her own.

For much more information on exactly how long you can expect your Nissan Titan to last, check out our write-up “How long Does a Nissan Titan commonly Last.”