‘The hole Men’ is a significant poem created by Eliot in between The Waste soil in 1922 and his conversion come Christianity in 1927. The ‘Hollow Men’ room trapped in a limbo world… read More 
Mistah Kurtz—he dead. A penny for the Old GuyIWe room the hollow menWe are the stuffed menLeaning togetherHeadpiece filled through straw. Alas!Our dried voices, whenWe to whisper togetherAre quiet and meaninglessAs wind in dry grassOr rats' feet over broken glassIn our dry cellarShape without form, shade without colour,Paralysed force, gesture there is no motion;Those who have crossedWith direct eyes, come death's various other KingdomRemember us—if in ~ all—not as lostViolent souls, yet onlyAs the hollow menThe stuffed men.

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IIEyes I dare not accomplish in dreamsIn death's dream kingdomThese execute not appear:There, the eyes areSunlight ~ above a damaged columnThere, is a tree swingingAnd voices areIn the wind's singingMore distant and an ext solemnThan a fading star.Let me be no nearerIn death's dream kingdomLet me also wearSuch deliberate disguisesRat's coat, crowskin, overcome stavesIn a fieldBehaving as the wind behavesNo nearer—Not that last meetingIn the twilight kingdomIIIThis is the dead landThis is cactus landHere the rock imagesAre raised, right here they receiveThe delivery of a dead man's handUnder the twinkle the a fading star.
Is it prefer thisIn death's other kingdomWaking aloneAt the hour once we areTrembling through tendernessLips that would kissForm prayers to broken stone.IVThe eyes room not hereThere space no eye hereIn this sink of dice starsIn this hollow valleyThis damaged jaw of our lost kingdomsIn this last of meeting placesWe grope togetherAnd avoid speechGathered top top this coast of the tumid riverSightless, unlessThe eyes reappearAs the perpetual starMultifoliate roseOf death's twilight kingdomThe expect onlyOf north men.
VHere we go ring the prickly pearPrickly pear prickly pearHere us go round the prickly pearAt five o'clock in the morning.Between the ideaAnd the realityBetween the motionAnd the actFalls the Shadow because that Thine is the KingdomBetween the conceptionAnd the creationBetween the emotionAnd the responseFalls the shadow Life is very longBetween the desireAnd the spasmBetween the potencyAnd the existenceBetween the essenceAnd the descentFalls the Shadow because that Thine is the KingdomFor Thine isLife isFor Thine is theThis is the means the human being endsThis is the means the world endsThis is the means the people endsNot with a bang but a whimper.
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‘The hole Men’ is a significant poem written by Eliot in between The Waste floor in 1922 and also his conversion to Christianity in 1927. The ‘Hollow Men’ room trapped in a limbo world between life and also death, light and also darkness, awareness and also oblivion.

The title is a conflation of three literary references. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Brutus says:

‘There are no tip in level and simple faith.But hollow men, like horses hot in ~ hand…

The hollow Land is a choice of stories by wilhelm Morris. The damaged Men is a city by Rudyard Kipling. Thematically every feed into the essence of the poem.

‘The hollow Men’, prefer The waste Land, began as a series of shorter poems. It has actually a five-part structure comprised of formerly written fragments. That is a patchwork of allusions — to the book of usual Prayer, snippets that nursery rhymes and also songs. Both poems refer to the "wasteland’ of lost souls who are trapped.

As through Eliot’s various other poems the this period his view of humankind is curiously detached, there is no compassion or sympathy because that those who he draws right into his meaning of ‘hollow’ and ‘stuffed’.


StructureStructurally that comprises five parts, with irregular length lines and irregular rhyme. The latter is enough to provide the city unity, while keeping its free-flow.

There is a rhythmic, child-like fragments, especially at the beginning and also then at the end. Pardoxically, it additionally mimics the rhythm of the sex-related act. No of these life-affirming, symbolic step is positive; Eliot has produced a cold world.

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LanguageThe voice is initally the of the first person plural, the collective ‘we’. In part 2 the speaker becomes ‘me’. Eliot thus implicates himself and the reader in the narration. The ton is cynical and satirical.