It’s to be almost twenty years since Love & Basketball was released. The film came to be a cult classic for going versus the traditional in gender roles and also showcasing black color love. The relationship between the main personalities in the movie would end up being a favourite on-screen pair of fans about the world.

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The chemistry to be so great between actors Sanaa Lathan and also Omar Epps that fans presume the two were indeed an item. Fans have always wished for their on-screen chemistry to be transferred off-screen.

‘Love & Basketball’ i do not care a cult classic

Love & Basketball to be released in the feather of 2000. The romantic drama starred Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps and also tells the story that Quincy McCall (Epps) and Monica light (Lathan), 2 childhood neighbors who bond end their shared love that basketball before falling for each other.

The movie grossed a small over $3 million ~ above its an initial day and over $8 million opening weekend, making the the second-highest-grossing movie opening weekend. It went ~ above to come to be the nine highest-grossing for a basketball film.

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Love & Basketball well was received by critics yet even an ext loved through audiences, especially the African-American community. In a 2015 interview through Buzzfeed News, the cast and director spoke about the film’s cultural impact as it related to sex equality and also black affluence. “I want to placed it the end in the civilization that this two characters travel the same way that anybody rather travels both in career and in love ,” stated its director, Gina Prince-Bythewood said.

In an interview v Essence Magazine, Epps and Lathan opened up around the film still registering with audiences so countless years later. “It’s for this reason cool and also amazing that it has become this beloved film that civilization love,” Lathan said. “Just critical night i went the end to dinner and these 2 girls came up to me and also said they flourished up on the movie and they are looking for their “Q.”

Did Sanaa Lathan and also Omar Epps day during ‘Love & Basketball?”

The brief answer come that concern is yes, but at the time, only Prince-Brythwood was aware. It was important for their mystery relationship to remain under the radar as Prince-Brythwood didn’t uncover that Lathan and also Epps to be dating till after they to be cast. She told Buzzfeed News in the exact same 2015 interview the she was nervous around their relationship and also how it could affect filming.

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Actors Omar Epps (L) and Sanaa Lathan in ~ the 2015 LA film Festival | Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

There have been rumors the a sequel yet nothing has been confirmed. During a Q&A in ~ the festival, Epps spoke around whether or not he sees one in the future. “Gina and I actually spoke about that and also she has actually this you-don’t-touch-a-classic-thing,” Epps said. “I agree however it’s tempting because it’s prefer what would certainly the story look choose now. The best sequels are as soon as they were in mind during the original when you are trying to find the sequel that’s once it doesn’t yes, really work.” Lathan likewise admitted that she feeling the film is “perfect together it is.”

Madame Noire reported in the very same year the if a sequel would take place, Epps would desire the characters to divorce to reflect the divorce rate in the country. Pan will most likely be ravaged if their favorite on-screen characters’ love story is tainted together such.