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We are appointed to die once, then after death is the judgment. Death is a surety, and also this is our fate in life.

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After birth you will end up being a child, climate you will thrive into man/womanhood once, however after you have grown old, is it your destiny to become a boy again?

Is the adhering to a true statement?

“Once a man, double a child!”

For many years, I thought that the above quotation was in the holy bible until newly when I read the biblical prophecy, which stated that the elderly that abides in God’s existence will be fresh and flourish favor the palm trees.

I started to question the validity of the over phrase because it showed up to be contradictory to words of God.

My find for this phrase in the scriptures was in vain.

I googled this old proverb and discovered the it was not biblical. It can have to be a quotation by a rabbi, or it could have had actually its roots from among Shakespeare’s pat – Hamlet.

The phrase suggests that old age will attract debilitating illnesses that will necessitate education care similarly to the of one infant.

Indeed, evidences the this room seen very often in the hospitals and also nursing homes every day.

It is heartbreaking to view these elderly patient bedridden and also helpless. They totally depend on their family and also health care workers because that their daily sustenance.

As a child, I frequently heard my mom praying for prolonged life to watch her children pass the worst (meaning that they would come to be independent adults).

She likewise prayed that she would certainly not become severely ill so the she was dependent on anyone to care for her.

I objected come the latter due to the fact that I told her the it would be my privilege to care for she if she ever end up being ill.

I remembered her fanning far my objections in no uncertain way and shook she head in determination.

She would certainly emphasize that she walk not want to it is in a load to any of she children and she to be confident the the Lord would answer her prayers.

Sure enough, the lord answered my mother’s prayers.

My mommy lived until she was eighty-three (83) years old. She was able to cook for herself, manually washed she clothes and also took care of her simple needs.

She go not endure from any kind of so-called ‘old age’ illness such as arthritis, love disease, high blood press or diabetes.

Her just complaints were ab cramps because of excessive gas. I think that her stomach pain result from anxiety because she constantly worried about her children and also grandchildren.

My mother died peacefully top top June 30, 2008, when she to be praying in the bathroom.

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The bathroom has always been she quiet location to pray. She awoke at the rest of dawn, read her Bible and then prayed in the bathroom.

The day before my mother died she washed she clothes and also cooked she breakfast.

She was not ill neither to be she a load to any of her kids or grandchildren. The mr granted the desire of she heart.

I believe that the Lord’s desire for all of us is good health.

He wants united state to live an numerous life complimentary from the bondage of sin and also diseases and also we will get these blessings when we continually dwell in God’s sanctuary.

An excellent instance was Moses who lived one hundred and also twenty (120) years.

Although Moses led one unruly and rebellious nation during his old age he never took a noble day.

Moses dwelled everyday in the visibility of God speaking with Him confront to confront to obtain guidance and also wisdom to command the youngsters of Israel. (See Exodus 33:11)

Consequently, Moses confront shone with the glory of God.

And it pertained to pass, once Moses came under from mountain Sinai with the two tables that testimony in Moses’ hand, as soon as he came under from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin that his challenge shone while he talked v him.

And as soon as Aaron and also all the youngsters of Israel experienced Moses, behold, the skin the his challenge shone; and they were afraid come come nigh him. (Exodus 34:29-30)

The glory of God maintained Moses’ confront bright and fresh and also his body thrived with health and vitality.

When Moses died, his eye were no dim, and his stamin did not diminish.

I am thankful to God because that my praying mommy who lived a Godly and moral lifestyle.

I to be reaping the benefits of she prayers and also the legacy of she life.

“Once a man twice a child” has no biblical foundation, and also it is totally versus God’s principle. Words of God states:

When ns was a child, ns spoke as a child; I construed as a child, I assumed as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

As an adult, you need to put away all things that pertain to childhood. These incorporate immaturity and also dependency. 

It is, therefore, imperative the you live a life the integrity and uprightness so that God can keep friend fresh and in great health till He is ready to take you home. 

Bear in mind that sickness is no a result of sin and it can strike anyone at any type of time.

But, ns truly think that nevertheless of congenital or obtained diseases, God is able come strengthen and also keep you throughout your golden years.

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Let the motto over your life be: “Once a child; once a man by the grace of God”

Do you have actually a similar story the you would favor to share with our readers?

If girlfriend do, feel cost-free to share that in the reply crate below.

Additional References: Hebrew 9:27; Psalms 92:10-15; Psalms 37:4; Deuteronomy 34:1-8

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