"A database administration system (DBMS) is a arsenal of programs that manages the database structure and also controls access to the data save in the database". The DBMS serves as the intermediary in between the user and also the database. The database structure itself is stored as a repertoire of files, So, us can access the data in those files through the DBMS.The DBMS receives all application requests and translates them into the facility operations required to fulfill those requests. The DBMS hides lot of the database’s internal intricacy from the applications programs and users.

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Advantages that Database monitoring System (DBMS)

1. Improved data sharing

An advantage of the database management approach is, the DBMS helps to create an setting in which end users have much better access to an ext and better-managed data.Such access makes it feasible for end-users come respond easily to changes in your environment.

2. Improved data security

The an ext users accessibility the data, the greater the risks of data defense breaches. Companies invest considerable amounts of time, effort, and also money come ensure the corporate data are provided properly.A DBMS offers a structure for far better enforcement the data privacy and also security policies.

3. Better data integration

Wider accessibility to well-managed data promotes an combined view that the organization’s operations and a clearer check out of the big picture.It becomes much much easier to see how actions in one segment the the company influence other segments.

4. Minimized data inconsistency

Data inconsistency exist when various versions that the very same data show up in various places.For example, data inconsistency exists once a this firm sales department shop a sales representative’s name as “Bill Brown” and the that company personnel department shop that same person’s name as “William G. Brown,” or once the company’s regional sales office reflects the price the a product together $45.95 and its nationwide sales office mirrors the same product’s price as $43.95.The probability the data inconsistency is greatly diminished in a appropriately designed database.

 5. enhanced data access

The DBMS makes it feasible to create quick answer to advertisement hoc queries.From a database perspective, a ask is a particular request issued to the DBMS because that data manipulation—for example, to review or update the data.Simply put, a ask is a question, and an advertisement hoc questions is a spur-of-the-moment question.The DBMS sends ago an answer (called the query result set) come the application. For example, end-users, as soon as dealing with large amounts the sales data, could want quick answers to inquiries (ad hoc queries) together as:What to be the disagreement volume of sales by-product during the previous six months?What is the sales bonus number for every of ours salespeople during the previous three months?How countless of our customers have credit balances of 3,000 or more?

6. Improved decision making

Better-managed data and improved data accessibility make it feasible to create better-quality information, top top which much better decisions room based.The high quality of the information generated depends ~ above the high quality of the basic data.Data top quality is a an extensive approach to fostering the accuracy, validity, and also timeliness the the data. When the DBMS does not guarantee data quality, it provides a frame to facilitate data high quality initiatives.

7. Increased end-user productivity

The availability of data, merged with the tools that change data right into usable information, empowers end users to make quick, educated decisions that have the right to make the difference between success and failure in the an international economy.


1. Raised acquisition costs

One of the disadvantages of DBMS is Database systems require advanced hardware and software and also highly skilled personnel.The expense of keeping the hardware, software, and personnel forced to operate and also manage a database system deserve to be substantial. Training, licensing, and also regulatory compliance costs are regularly overlooked when database systems space implemented.

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Therefore, High acquisition costs are no the benefit of a database monitoring system.