Maybe the contemporary cosmology is based on Kepler’s legislation of planetary motion. But, it to be the Copernican model: The original Sun-Centered Solar system that caused the paradigm shift in the field of physics and astronomy, by claiming that the sunlight is the facility of the solar mechanism (Universe), no earth.

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With this in mind, the Copernican version is likewise known together the slayer of the Earth-Centered Universe. This heliocentric model of the world was emerged by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 -1543 AD), therefore, likewise known together the Copernican system.

Well, if girlfriend don’t recognize the geocentric design of the universe stood ~ above its 4 grand pillars, on which it continued to be in the mind of astronomers for an ext than 15 centuries. This pillars were:

Earth is the facility of the universe.Apart native the earth, every little thing is do of weightless and incorruptible building materials i.e Aether.Everything in this world revolves around the planet in concentric circular spheres.Stellar Parallax does not exist. Therefore, planet is immovable.

As we will certainly go-ahead in this case study, you will certainly see how these four pillars the the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic world were step by step broken, in ~ first, through Copernicus, climate Galileo, climate Kepler (of course, through Newton’s help), and also then through Friedrich Bessel’s observation of mainly parallax.

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Copernican Model: Slayer the the Earth-Centered Universe

Here is the list of topics, i shall be stating in this article.

Aristotelian-Ptolemaic Model: The Earth-Centered UniverseDemise the Earth-Centered Universe: but WHY?Copernican Model: The Sun-Centered UniverseHeliocentrism (Copernican Model) vs GeocentrismCopernican Revolution: Coffin of Earth-Centered UniverseCopernican Model: first Nail in the CoffinGalileo’s Telescope: 2nd Nail in the CoffinKepler’s Law: third Nail in the CoffinStellar Parallax: Fourth and Final pond in the CoffinConclusion


Aristotelian-Ptolemaic Model: The Earth-Centered Universe

An illustration the the Ptolemaic model by Portuguese cosmographer Bartolomeu Velho in 1568. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Before beginning things off, i would favor to clear part air in between the Aristotelian Model and the Ptolemaic Model. Well, in my view, both that them are the same (okay, almost).

The only difference in between them is that the Aristotelian universe specifies the physical aspects (physics) that the earth-centered universe.

On the other hand, the Ptolemaic version outlines the mathematical solutions behind the working of the geocentric model of the universe.

Therefore, once you incorporate both facets of reality i.e physics and mathematics, this earth-centered universe becomes an Aristotelian-Ptolemaic Universe.

In the Earth-Centered Universe, the stimulate of spheres native the earth outward is as follow:

MoonVenusSunMarsSaturnFixed StarsSo on.


What is Geocentrism Anyway?

In the Aristotelian universe, the earth is the facility of the universe, and also all the planets, stars, sun, and all heavenly bodies revolve around the Earth.

In his treatise on The Heavens, Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) propose the physical facets of the universe i.e earth is eternally unmoved. And, everything else revolves around it in concentric spheres.

Later, Ptolemy (100 – 170 AD) in his writing Amalgest, solidified the idea that Aristotle by providing the mathematical solutions for the Earth-centered Universe.

The an easy elements that Ptolemaic astronomy, reflecting a world on one epicycle (smaller dashed circle), a deferent (larger dashed circle), the eccentric (×), and also an equant (•). Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ptolemy suggested that each planet is claimed to be relocated by a device of two distinctive spheres. One epicycle i.e a tiny circle in which a earth moves.

Moreover, a deferent i.e a bigger circle in i beg your pardon an epicycle moves. No to mention, the Deferent is a circle who center suggest is removed from the Earth. See the over figure for proper understanding.

On one hand, Ptolemy used the ide of deferent to define the variations in the lengths that the seasons. ~ above the other hand, he used the principle of epicycles to define the retrograde movement of the planets.

Retrograde motion is a type of movement in i m sorry a planet shows up to it is in slowing down to stand still, then relocating backward for a time being, and also then again relocating in the forward direction.


The death of Earth-Centered Universe: however WHY?

From the time of that is inception, the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic model was widely welcomed as the Cosmological design of the universe. I mean, this version ruled the love of all the physicists and astronomers for much more than 15 centuries.

First, for the astronomers of those times, the sun shows up to it is in revolving approximately the planet once every day. Hence, making day and night top top earth.

Second, indigenous the perspective of the Earthlings, Earth absolutely seemed to be unmoving. Therefore, because that them, the geocentric concept was factually correct.

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To put it differently, every little thing observations old astronomers were getting were in straight relation come the Earth-Centered Universe.

That’s why the question pops out, the if every little thing was walking great. Then, what led to the death of the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic model of the universe.


Retrograde motion of Mars

This is how a common retrograde activity (retrograde loop) that a world look-alike.

It is no a covert fact, that the Mars retrograde worry had been known from the time of Ptolemy himself. Although, he supplied the principle of epicycle and also Deferent to define the retrograde movement of the planets.

Yet, that was not able to give the account for the inexplicable retrograde motion of mars. I mean, the way sometimes retrograde loop of mars i do not care smaller, sometimes even larger 보다 expected.

In fact, in order to fix this mar’s retrograde issue, he also modified his epicycles and also deferent ball model. Unfortunately, every his efforts were in vain.


Other astronomical Errors

Autumn season in Indian Union region Of Jammu and Kashmir/Credit: Kashmir tour Packages

Not to mention, the sole reason for the death of the Earth-centered world was the inexplicable retrograde activity of Planets. Yet, there to be some astronomical errors too that played their respective roles. I mean, there come a time as soon as the expensive table arisen by the Geocentric model came to be rusty.

In various other words, the guess bases on the Ptolemaic model for the expensive events such as eclipses or Equinoxes (like spring or autumn Equinox) were no much longer accurate to their respective date.

As a result, astronomers started to realize the the time has come because that a much more accurate version for the correct predictions of every the upcoming expensive events.


Copernican Model: The Sun-Centered Universe

Andreas Cellarius’s illustration the the Copernican model, from the Harmonia Macrocosmica (1708). Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Nicolaus Copernicus in his book On the changes of the Celestial Orbs proposed the the sun is the center of the solar system, no earth. Therefore, every the planets, including earth revolves about the sun.

In the Sun-Centered Solar system, the bespeak of spheres indigenous the Sun outward is together follow:

MercuryEarthMoonMarsJupiterSaturnFixed StarsSo on.

In bespeak to replace the Earth-Centered Solar system with the Sun-Centered Solar System, Copernicus propose the complying with postulates:

Earth is no the center of the universe (solar system).The stars are addressed in your spheres. Therefore, their evident daily activity is resulted in by the day-to-day rotation that Earth.The distance in between the planet to the sun is small compared to the distance in between the sunlight to resolved stars.Retrograde motion (especially the Mars) can be easily explained with the help of earth orbital motion.All planets relocate in a one motion approximately the sun. (Just like the Earth-Centered Universe, but about the Sun, not Earth).


A distinct Note

Well, perhaps the Copernican version is the bona fide slayer the the Earth-Centered Universe. But, that doesn’t mean the idea of heliocentrism to be not recognized to ancient physicists and Astronomers. I mean, even ancient physicists and astronomers occasionally used come toy through the idea that the Heliocentric Universe.

For example, Archimedes, in his book Sand-Reckoner provided the idea of Aristarchus that Samos to question the climate widely provided Aristotelian-Ptolemaic version of the universe. Yes, the an excellent Archimedes: a guy who offered the idea of Buoyancy.


Aristarchus the Samos’s Heliocentric Model

Aristarchus’s calculations top top the relative sizes of (from left) the Sun, Earth, and Moon, from a 10th-century ad Greek copy. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It’s a popular fact, that Aristarchus the Samos (310-230 BC) was the contemporary of the good Aristotle. In fact, the was additionally the greatest critic of the Aristotelian world model.

He is also recognized as the very first person to current the heliocentric concept of the universe. It is why Copernicus self attributed his Copernican model to Aristarchus that Samos.

Unfortunately, the recommendation of Aristarchus was deleted just before the publishing of top top the changes of the Celestial Orbs.

As Copernicus describes:

Philolaus thought in the mobility of the earth, and some even say the Aristarchus that Samos to be of that opinion – Nicolaus Copernicus.

However, as time go ahead, most of the job-related of Aristarchus was lost. In particular, some human being even argue the maybe because of the influence of Aristotle and also Ptolemy of course, he came to be the unsung hero.


Heliocentrism (Copernican Model) vs Geocentrism

A compare of the geocentric and also heliocentric models the the universe. Credit:

In bespeak to give you a clean picture, i am mentioning some the the actual differences between the geocentric and also heliocentric (Copernican model) theory. Let’s dive in.

In the Copernican Model, sun is the facility of the solar device (Universe). While, top top the various other hand, in the Earth-Centered Universe, planet is the center of the solar system (Universe).According come the Copernican Model, earth is definitely moving around. While follow to the geocentric theory, earth is immovable i.e stationary.In the Copernican Model, Earth and all the other planets revolve approximately the Sun. ~ above the other hand, in the Earth-Centered Universe, Sun and all the planets revolve about the EarthIn both that the cosmological systems, planets revolve in the circular Motion around the main object. No to mention, the circular activity of planets approximately the sun likewise became the sole reason for the demise of the Copernican system.Copernican design used the ide of earth orbital activity to define the retrograde motion of Planets. While, top top the various other hand, the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic model used the concept of epicycles to define the retrograde movement of the planets.


Copernican Revolution: Coffin the Earth-Centered Universe

Credit: YouTube

In order to seal a coffin, what you require is four nails (okay, at least 4 nails). Such to be the instance of the Earth-Centered Universe.

See, the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic model was was standing on its four pillars. Therefore, if you want to change the geocentric design with the heliocentric one, you have to break all the pillars the the Earth-Centered Universe. This is what the Copernican revolution did. These four Pillars were:

Earth is the facility of the universe.Apart indigenous the earth, whatever in this cosmos is consisted of of weightless and incorruptible (unchangeable) problem i.e Aether.Everything in this universe revolves approximately the planet in concentric circular spheres.In reality, if planet is in reality revolving approximately the sun. Then, together a result, there has to be the observation of stellar parallax, which was merely not possible at that time. Hence, planet is immovable.

Let’s see just how the Copernican change step through step damaged each and every pillar of the Earth-Centered Universe. Hence, sealing the coffin of the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic model of the universe.


Copernican Model: very first Nail in the Coffin

Heliocentric version from Nicolaus Copernicus’ top top the revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I i will not ~ be explaining this part. You understand the obvious reason behind it. Ns have currently given friend a short review the the Copernican Model.

I mean, how Copernicus published his revolutionary idea in the year 1543 (the year of his death), therefore, damaged the very first pillar that the Earth-Centered Universe.

The idea the the sunlight is the center of the solar system, not earth put the first nail in the coffin the the Geocentric version of the universe. Well, it is why I claimed the Copernican version is the slayer the the Earth-Centered Universe.

Special Note: In this article, I might have explained how Copernicus visualized the ide of the heliocentric model. Or, the people who assisted him. Or, what type of problems he had to face because of his unusual design of the universe.

But, certainly, i didn’t. Simply because I do not want to get in the historical time. In fact, ns thought, maybe I might make it an ext compelling about the physical suggest of view, quite than indulging myself right into being a history teacher.


Galileo’s Telescope: second Nail in the Coffin

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The second Pillar the the Earth-Centered world was finally damaged by Galileo’s Scientific change of the telescope.

The second pillar claims that apart from earth, whatever in this cosmos is make from a weightless substance dubbed Aether.

Galileo through his telescopic explorations observed the dark clues on the moon. By that, that proclaimed the the moon is entirely not smooth.

On the contrary, the moon has big craters and mountains, straight contradicting Aristotle’s theory of the incorruptible perfect smooth moon.

In various other words, Galileo’s investigation of the heavens allowed him to relate the moon’s imperfections v those viewed on the earth surface.

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He argued that neither planet nor any type of celestial objects are distinctive i.e do of Aether. All the celestial objects including earth are do from Earth-like materials. As Galileo describes:

A perfectly smooth Moon would certainly reflect light unevenly like a shiny billiard ball, so the the edge of the moon’s disk would have a different brightness than the point where a tangent airplane reflects sunlight straight to the eye. A stormy moon mirrors in every directions equally, causing a decaying of approximately equal brightness i beg your pardon is what is observed – Galileo Galilei

With that, he damaged the second pillar of the Earth-Centered Universe. In other words, the idea the neither planet nor any type of celestial objects space made that Aether placed the 2nd nail in the coffin that the Geocentric version of the universe.

Other Discoveries

Apart from finding out the dark spots on the moon, Galileo (1564-1642 AD) additionally discovered the moons that Jupiter and different phases that Venus, similar to the earth’s moon.

With his explorations of Jupiter’s moon and also Venus’s phases, Galileo sparked a an excellent debate among the astronomer of that time.

Moreover, on the communication of his discoveries, he suggested that the moons of Jupiter orbit about Jupiter, no earth. Similarly, through the phases of Venus, he said that venus indeed revolves about the sun, no earth.

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In various other words, v all his arguments, he theoretically doubted the fourth pillar the the Earth-Centered universe i.e planet is immovable.

Unfortunately, he can not prove it. Because there has to be the monitoring of mainly parallax, i beg your pardon he couldn’t provide.


Kepler’s Law: 3rd Nail in the Coffin

Credit: MathWorks

Just prefer Aristotle and Aristarchus, Galileo and also Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630 AD) were contemporary to every other. Top top the contrary, uneven Aristarchus and Aristotle, castle both had a comparable view towards the cosmos.

In other words, they both openly supported the idea of the Copernican model of the solar system.

Although, Kepler openly sustained the Copernican idea. Yet, over there were some ideological differences in between them, i m sorry in fact, later on paved the way for the 3rd nail in the coffin that the Geocentric version of the universe.

Copernicus, ~ above one hand, damaged the first pillar of the Earth-Centered Universe. Top top the other hand, he maintained the idea of the uniform circular activity of celestial bodies around the main object.

As a consequence, the Copernican system considerably failed to define why planets orbit approximately the sun at various speeds at different locations.

Kepler, therefore, by replacing the one orbits through the elliptical ones, that course, with the help of Tycho Brahe’s Work, confirmed that exactly how planets speed up at certain points in your orbits and also slowed under at others.

Newton’s Intervention

Even after ~ Kepler’s debate that orbits must be elliptical, rather than the orthodoxal circular ones, some astronomers to be still reluctant to determine themselves as being Copernicans.

Later, with Issac Newton’s intervention, astronomers shortly started to recognize themselves as being Copernicans rather than gift Geocentrist.

In 1687, Newton (1643 – 1727 AD) confirmed that Kepler’s regulation of planetary motion is a direct consequence of Newton’s laws of universal Gravitation.

As a consequence, putting more weight ~ above Kepler’s idea, and, that course, proving that the 3rd pillar that the Earth-Centered cosmos was neither correct nor viable.

Therefore, I deserve to conclude that with Newton’s help, Kepler placed the third nail in the coffin the the Geocentric design of the universe.


Stellar Parallax: Fourth and also Final pond in the Coffin


Ptolemy used to protect the 4th pillar through arguing, if the earth is certainly moving, then, there needs to be an apparent transition in the forms of the constellations over the food of a year or so.

He supplied to placed forward this two an easy points.

If a constellation go not appear to relocate at all, climate the stars are much farther away from the sun and also planets. Hence, their activity is undetectable.Or, maybe, in reality, Constellations (fixed stars) room not relocating at all. Hence, the parallax motion does not exist.

As a result, somehow, only standing top top its critical pillar, the Earth-Centered Universe remained in the mind of some astronomers till the exploration of mainly parallax.

Finally, in 1838, German astronomer Friedrich Bessel measured the parallax motion of star 61 Cygni. Therefore, damaged the fourth and also the last tower of the Earth-Centered Universe.

By law that, he put the fourth and final nail in the coffin the the geocentric design of the universe. And, the world knows, remainder is history.

As a result, nowadays, the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic model comes in the perform of my height 6 useless cosmological models that the universe. Ns strongly recommend you to check it out.



Well, frankly speaking, ns am no denying that without the help of Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and, Friedrich Bessel, the earth-centered universe might be completely wiped out from the heart and also minds that the physicists and astronomers.

On the various other hand, you should likewise not deny the fact that without the Copernican idea of the Sun-Centered Solar system, us still might be life in the dilemma the a geocentric universe, or, fairly not.

Well, what’s her take top top this? ns mean, what do you think? Suppose, if the Copernican change never take it place, then, will certainly we be still believing in one earth-centered universe?

Or, who else could have emerged the Sun-Centered solar system. Enlighten me through your curiosity in the comment section.

One much more important thing, don’t forget come wear her mask while walking outside. If girlfriend won’t, you will danger your life and of others too.

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