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  98. Possibilities that what to delegate include every one of the adhering to EXCEPT: A. reports.B. scheduling.C. letters.D. disciplining. 99. Which that the complying with should not be delegated? A. Technical mattersB. Routine tasksC. Employees' problems for training purposesD. Performance appraisalsE. A, b and c 100. Which the the following may it is in delegated? A. Technical mattersB. Routine tasksC. Personal mattersD. A and also bE. A, b and also c 101. Possibilities that what no to delegate encompass all of.

  31. The four stage transformation process includes the change leader's capacity to preserve the condition quo.   32. Two basic differences in between charismatic and transformational management theories space the features that define the two species of leaders and the influencing habits they exhibit.   33. The first step the the transformation procedure is to accumulate a shared.

31. The 4 stage transformation procedure includes the change leader's abilityChemistry

99. Describe personal definition and just how it impacts attributions that charismatic qualities. 100. Briefly describe Max Weber's conceptualization of charisma. 101. Describe the behavioral qualities that identify charismatic native noncharismatic leaders.              .

  58. Before setting objectives that define responsibility, level the authority, and deadline, friend should define the require for delegating and the factors for picking the employee.   59. Which the the complying with is NOT among the three stages of evolution in the dyadic approach? A. Vertical dyadic affiliation theoryB. leader-member exchange concept (LMX)C. team member exchange theoryD. All.

 131. What are the three stages that the life-cycle version of LMX theory? 132. Describe 3 determining factors for high-quality LMX relationships. 133. How go a leader's very first impression and perception of a follower affect the top quality of your relationship? 134. How have the right to a follower's tardy or attribution the a leader influence their relationship?   .

  59. Which of the adhering to statements is (are) true the charisma. A. It has actually been dubbed "a fire the ignites followers".B. It is relational in nature.C. It is uncovered solely in the leader together a psychological phenomenon.D. It is a social relationship in between the leader and also the follower.E. a, b, and d 60. The Greek indigenous charisma means: A. "extraordinary quality."B. "divinely.

 116. Describe height management's and also the team leader's functions in promoting creativity. For each, list activities they should undertake to encourage creativity. 117. Outline the three components of conducting efficient meetings.          118. Explain the differences between traditional and also self-managed teams.   .

106. List the 4 stages of development of the dyadic approach. 107. Define the two kinds of relationship that have the right to occur amongst leaders and also followers under the vertical dyadic affiliation model. 108. Describe the main emphasis of team building from a Leader-Follower perspective. 109. Discuss the emphasis of the systems and networks technique from a Leader-Follower perspective.   .

 114. Discuss the advantages and flaw of working in teams. 115. Briefly describe the seven attributes of reliable teams.   .

  41. Unlike other species of leaders, charismatic leaders usage referent power and also expert power to influence followers.   42. Transformational leaders such as Herb Kelleher, former CEO that Southwest Airlines, is a leader recognized for motivating his employees with much more conventional and also formal ideologies to leading.   43. Transactional leadership serves to adjust the condition quo by.

 122. How go education and experience, defined as follower influencing characteristics, impact effective followership? 123. What are several of the benefits of delegating? 124. What are some of the points that a leader must not delegate? 125. List the four stages of advance of the dyadic approach. 126. Define the two kinds of relationships that deserve to occur among leaders.

 102. Explain the locus that charismatic leadership. 103. Discuss the impacts of charismatic leadership on followers. 104. Describe the features that differentiate charismatic from noncharismatic leaders.   .

 112. Citing particular examples, define how charismatic leader of the past supplied vision and also superb communication an abilities to do their case. 113. Describe the leading characteristics of charismatic leaders. 114. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, man F. Kennedy, Adolph Hitler, Nelson Mandela, David Koresh (of the Branch Davidians), Herb Kelleher (of Southwest Airlines), and Richard.

 105. Discuss exactly how one can obtain charismatic qualities. 106. Explain the difference in between socialized and personalized charismatic leaders. 107. Distinguish between charismatic and transformational leadership. 108. Explain the difference between transformational and also transactional leadership.   .

  21. The socialized charismatic leader is one who possesses an egalitarian, self-transcendent, and also empowering personality.   22. Between the socialized charismatic leader (SCL) and also the personalized charismatic leader (PCL), the PCL uses charisma for the benefit of others.   23. Personalized charismatic leaders usage rewards and punishment come manipulate and control followers.   24. Transformational leadership focuses largely top top follower.

  89. Charisma is: A. found in all transformational leaders.B. totally situationally determined.C. relational in nature.D. a psychological phenomenon. 90. Transformational leaders: A. are usually couple of in number in organizations.B. are most likely to arise in the throes of a crisis.C. can emerge from different levels that the organization.D. usually come native higher-level management. 91. Transactional leaders: A. appeal to greater ideals and also moral values.B. get followers to act.

89. Charisma is: A. Discovered in every transformational leaders.B. Completely situationally determined.C. Relational in nature.D. AChemistry

 110. Describe three determining determinants of high-quality LMX relationships. 111. Discuss the crucial limitation or drawback with LMX application. 112. Explain the cycle the leads to the Pygmalion effect. 113. Explain exactly how LMX relationships deserve to lead to unintended bias in HR practices.   .

110. Describe three determining determinants of high-quality LMX relationships.111. Comment on the keyChemistry

 109. Explain the 4 phases the the change process. 110. Explain the basis of stewardship and also servant leadership. 111. Describe the miscellaneous sources native which one can draw his or her an individual meaning.   .

  71. Team top quality pertains to: A. the team's ability to attain superior results with under resources and exceed client expectations.B. individual members' organizational positions.C. good communication in between team members.D. all the the answers room correct 72. Which that the complying with statements concerning team norms is not true? A. Norms identify what actions is acceptable and unacceptable.B. Norms are typically emerged after.

 130. List the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams. 131. What is groupthink, and under what conditions is it more likely to occur? 132. Briefly explain the seven qualities of reliable teams.   .

  11. Followers that charismatic leaders often tend to assume higher risk 보다 they would through other varieties of followers.   12. Charisma is a trait the cannot be obtained through training.   13. People such as Adolf Hitler and also Richard Branson, founder that the Virgin Group, are examples of leaders who were born with charisma.   14. Suggested strategies for acquiring.

  69. Which that the adhering to is (are) the effect(s) that charismatic leadership on followers? A. unconditional acceptance of the leaderB. A strong sense of self confidenceC. Assume much less riskD. A and also bE. A and also c 70. The ____ charismatic leader is one that possesses an egalitarian, self-transcendent, and empowering personality. A. socializedB. individualizedC. personalizedD. none of the answers room correct 71. Socialized charismatic leaders: A. pursue leader-driven goals.B. promote.

  51. Stewardship is management that transcends self-interest to serve the needs of others, by help them flourish professionally and also emotionally.   52. Stewardship calls for the highest level of selflessness.   53. Stewardship is realized once authority and also decision making room centralized.   54. Stewardship works ideal when there is viewed equality in between leaders and followers.   55. Helping others discover their inner.

  21. Ingratiation is the initiative to appear supportive, appreciative, and also respectful.   22. According to LMX Theory, a leader varies his or her habits as a result of the high quality of interpersonal relationships v each individual follower.   23. According come LMX Theory, within the same occupational group, the high quality of each dyadic relationship will most likely be.

21. Ingratiation the initiative to appear supportive, appreciative, and respectful.22. According toChemistry

  79. Transactional leaders are defined as every one of the following EXCEPT: A. structured.B. passive.C. reward-oriented.D. influential. 80. In the four stage version of the transformation process, i m sorry of the following is the very first stage? A. Institutionalize changeB. Challenge the condition quo and make a convincing instance for changeC. Inspire a common vision of the futureD. Provide reliable leadership throughout the change 81. Which of the.

79. Transactional leaders described as all of the complying with EXCEPT: A. Structured.B. Passive.C. Reward-oriented.D. Influential.8Chemistry

 118. How does a leader's first impression and also perception that a follower influence the top quality of their relationship? 119. What room the 3 stages that the life-cycle design of LMX theory? 120. How have the right to a follower's tardy or attribution that a leader affect their relationship? 121. What is the visibility of prejudice in the LMX relationship? What.

  88. Which of the adhering to is NOT among the guidelines to ending up being an effective follower? A. offer support to leaderB. play counseling and coaching roles to leader when appropriateC. show appreciationD. avoid negative feedback 89. When daunting a leader's flawed plans and also proposals, the is necessary for the monitor to: A. pinpoint specifics.B. personalize the critique.C. provide both positive and also negative.

  41. The leader-centered decision-making version is wanted when unpopular decisions must be made.   42. Encouraging interteam rivalries discourages creativity.   43. Top management have the right to positively influence team imagination by providing adequate resources and also asupportive business culture.   44. According come the team-centered decision-making model, the duty of the leader need to be to serve as a consultant, advisor, teacher,.

  51. Differences in the level of education and also experience can affect the relationship among followers, and also between leaders and also followers.   52. Today's workers are far much more educated, mobile, diverse, and also younger 보다 the workforce of 20 years ago.   53. As workers' education and experience increases, leaders have to shift to a much more top-down directive style.

  11. Shirking of individual responsibility, additionally known together social loafing, is a difficulty frequently listed in teams.   12. Because her team is an ext concerned about objectively appraising various courses of activity and much less concerned around getting unanimous agreement, it is suffering groupthink.   13. Social loafing is when members the a cohesive group tend come agree.

1. The increased environmental turbulence, uncertainty, and an international competition over the critical two decades has resulted in less attention in charismatic and transformational leadership.   2. The charismatic leader's field of expertise lies in his or her being persuasiveness in influencing followers that readjust for the better because that the likelihood the success.   3. Max Weber offered the.

 122. Describe the obstacles of implementing effective self-managed teams. 123. What is groupthink, and also under what conditions is it much more likely come occur? 124. Describe the determinants that generally contribute high level of team cohesion. 125. Creativity is usually believed of as a properties of individuals, but are some teams more creative than others?   .

122. Describe the obstacles of implementing effective self-managed teams.123. What groupthink, andChemistry

  51. Advocates the the self-managed team believe that autonomy with shared control over an essential task-related decisions enable the team come perform far better than standard teams.   52. The rotation technique is reliable with talkers and arguers.   53. The self-managed team ide has its roots in full quality monitoring (TQM).   54. Self-managed team members' skills are generally highly specialized.   55. The.

  78. Instruments provided for measure LMX: A. typically measure up vertical dyad linkages along with social exchanges.B. tend to measure LMX native the late of the follower quite than the leader.C. have firmly established the close similarity between leader and also follower perceptions.D. none that the answers room correct 79. One feasible approach to minimizing the predisposition in LMX relationship.

  41. The conformist follower is someone that is short on involvement however is high on crucial thinking.   42. Pragmatic pendant are frequently known to "play political games."   43. The pragmatic monitor is high on crucial thinking and also involvement.   44. The reliable follower need to avoid raising problems with the leader regarding the leader's decisions room misguided and also unethical.   45. One.

  68. To develop a real team, the leader should: A. make sure everyone is competent.B. use the in-group to help.C. form a connection with every member.D. know monitor expectations. 69. The concept of ____ is provided to define group members' social relationships within and outside your groups and also how these relationships influence group effectiveness. A. group interactionB. social exchangeC. social capitalD. ingratiation 70. A benefit(s).

 129. Briefly comment on some of the potential benefits and also drawbacks of using self-managed teams.   .

 126. What is team-centered leadership, and how walk it differ from the leader-centered approach? 127. Describe how a leader can avoid conducting nonproductive meetings. 128. What is the depth of decision-making latitude commonly found in self-managed teams?   .

 127. What space the differences in between in-groups and also out-groups? 128. Describe the main emphasis of team structure from a Leader-Follower perspective. 129. Discuss the emphasis of the systems and also networks approach from a Leader-Follower perspective. 130. How execute quality leader-member exchange relationships affect follower behavior?   .

  81. Team leader activities that can aid to improve team creativity include every the complying with EXCEPT: A. matching civilization with the best assignments.B. ensuring the accessibility of sufficient time, money, and other resources for the team.C. protecting against "creativity blockers."D. functional fixedness. 82. Which of the adhering to statements regarding functional groups is no true? A. The structure of the functional.

  31. Ingratiation describes the behavior of followers that outcomes from the leader-follower affect relationship.   32. During the 3rd stage of developing positive LMX relations, shared trust, loyalty, and respect begin to develop in between leader and also follower.   33. Relationships that do not mature beyond the second stage of emerging positive LMX relations might deteriorate and.

  21. Team norms build in the beforehand stages of a team's formation.   22. Team norms get formed through crucial events and also symbols.   23. Team cohesion is the extent to i beg your pardon team members bond together and also remain committed to achieving team goals.   24. Team cohesion is enhanced when members agree on a usual purpose and also direction.   25. Team cohesion is.

 119. Describe just how team member characteristics affect self-managed team effectiveness. 120. Describe the benefits of making use of self-managed groups in organizations. 121. Describe the accuse for enhancing self-managed team effectiveness.   .

119. Describe how team member characteristics impact self-managed team effectiveness.120. Define theChemistry

  31. Effective teams have strong support from top management.   32. The team leader must model the behavior that the or she desires from the team.   33. The team leader's function in developing an effective team is to identify and also build the team's weaknesses.   34. A practical team is a group of employees belonging to the exact same functional.

  11. Leaders must aspire to construct relationships with all group members, not simply a few special individuals.   12. One of your teammates questioned whether he was being treated relatively on his power evaluation. This is an instance of the principle of distributive fairness.   13. The emphasis of team structure is on just how a leader might.

1. Over 80 percent of all establishments use some type of teams.   2. All groups are teams, yet not every teams room groups.   3. The leadership style in a team tends to be really hierarchical.   4. A group commonly has a mentality the "what's in it for me."   5. The terms "team" and "group" are used interchangeably due to the fact that both.

  101. The team member duty in a SMT is ____. A. interchangeableB. fixedC. specializedD. flexible 102. Which the the complying with does NOT explain a self-managed team? A. fixed team designB. team accountabilityC. multiskilled skillsD. leadership in ~ the team 103. Effective SMT members have to have: A. an internal locus of control.B. good dispute resolution skills.C. good problem-solving skills.D. all that the answers space correct 104. Which the the adhering to is not a benefit.

101. The team member function in a SMT ____. A. InterchangeableB. FixedC. SpecializedD. Flexible102. I beg your pardon of theChemistry

 114. Discuss the 3 follower influencing characteristics. 115. List 5 things a leader have to delegate. 116. What are the differences between in-groups and also out-groups? 117. How execute quality leader-member exchange relationships affect follower behavior?   .

  91. A disadvantage of team-centered decision making is the it can: A. be self-serving and contrary come the ideal interests the the organization.B. end up gift a bad compromise fairly than one optimal solution.C. take longer than decision made alone by a manager.D. all that the answers space correct 92. Before call a meeting, the leader have to do.

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 61. Which of the following statements concerning groups and teams is TRUE? A. Group members have actually shared responsibilities.B. The leadership style in a team often tends to be an extremely hierarchical.C. Groups emphasis on individual performance and goals.D. A team is defined by a mentality the "what's in it for me." 62. Which of the following statements defines a team.