Welcome to the Old school Runescape overview on completing her varrock diary, in this ar I will focus on simply the easy and also medium levels to it. The diary contains tasks centred about the city that Varrock and its neighboring areas, including Edgeville and also the barbarian Village. To receive your rewards on perfect of every level you must visit and also speak to Toby, he deserve to be discovered south eastern of Varrock square, next to the general store.

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Browse Thessalias store: no search or ability requirements. Merely visit she store, speak to her, and also once the interface appears with the items she is selling/ buying you have completed the task.

Have Aubury teleport you to the significance mine: friend must have actually completed the rune mysteries quest, however there space no skill requirements. Right click on Aubury and also select the teleport option. Aubury deserve to be uncovered just south of the eastern varrock bank.

Mine some iron ore in the Varrock mine: no pursuit requirements yet you will need 15 mining. The steel ore have the right to be found in the south east patch the the Varrock mine.

Make a normal plank utilizing the sawmill: no search or ability requirements. Because that this girlfriend will require 100 coins to usage the mill and 1 log. The sawmill operator can be uncovered in the southern component of the Varrock lumberyard. The lumberyard can be found just north east of Varrock.

Enter the second level that the stronghold of security: no quest or skill demands although decent combat/ defence may be helpful, otherwise bring some food. Simply navigate to the second level the the stronghold of protection (located below barbaric Village), passing v the gateways by answering various account security questions.

Jump over the fence south of Varrock: no pursuit requirements, 13 agility requirement. Jump end the agility shortcut near the route from Lumbridge to Varrock.

Chop down a dice tree in the timber yard: no search or skill requirements. Any type of axe will do, deserve to be done from level 1 woodcutting.

Buy a newspaper: no quest or ability requirements. Carry 50 coins through you to purchase a newspaper indigenous Benny in Varrock square.

Give a dog a bone: no quest or ability requirements. Obtain a bone, one of two people by killing an opponent or by to buy one at the grand exchange, then uncover one the the stray dogs in or close to Varrock and also use the bone on it to finish this task.

Spin a bowl on the pottery wheel and also then fire it in the Barbarian village oven. No pursuit requirements but you will require 8 crafting. The wheel can be discovered south east of the east Varrock bank.

Speak come Haig Halen after ~ obtaining at least 50 kudos: no quest or skill requirements. He deserve to be discovered in Varrock museum, friend can attain kudos by effectively annotating the museum exhibitions, found in the lower part of the museum.

Craft some planet runes: no search requirements but you will need 9 runecrafting. Bring either an planet talisman or tiara, and either a rune or pure essence and craft one earth rune in ~ the earth altar, situated south that the lumberyard. Additionally you can craft one in ~ the abyss.

Catch some trout in the river Lum, next to barbaric Village: no pursuit requirements, 20 fishing. Girlfriend will must use feathers with a paris fishing stick to record some trout here.

Steal native the tea stall in Varrock: no quest requirements, 5 thieving. The tea stall deserve to be discovered in the south east of Varrock by the wall.

On completion of the simple diary you will receive: Varrock armor 1 and also 1 neck lamp worth 2500 exp. In enhancement Zaff will currently sell girlfriend 15 battlestaves a day in ~ 7k each.


Have the Apothecary in Varrock do you a toughness potion: no pursuit or skill requirements. Lug the complying with items come the apothecary in south west Varrock and he will make friend a stamin potion: Limpwurt root, red spiders"https://yellowcomic.com/osrs-select-a-colour-for-your-kitten/imager_1_8454_700.jpg eggs, and 5 coins.

Enter the Champions"https://yellowcomic.com/osrs-select-a-colour-for-your-kitten/imager_1_8454_700.jpg Guild: no particular quest requirements yet you will require 32 quest points or much more to enter, no skill requirements.

Select a colour for your kitten: partial perfect of the garden that tranquillity and also full perfect of Gertrude"https://yellowcomic.com/osrs-select-a-colour-for-your-kitten/imager_1_8454_700.jpgs Cat is required, with no ability requirements. Girlfriend will need a ring that charos, and 100 coins, you should also not currently have a kitten or cat. Making use of the ring charos top top Gertrude will enable you to colour the cat.

Use the soul tree in the north east corner of the grand exchange: completion of the Tree Gnome town quest, no skill requirements. Simply travel to any unlocked heart tree utilizing the spirt tree in the north east of the cool exchange.

Perform the 4 emotes indigenous the stronghold of security: no pursuit or skill requirements. In order to insurance claim the 4 emotes and be may be to usage them friend will need to have actually completed the stronghold that security, perfect the critical 2 level will require you use the runescape authenticator.

Enter the Tolna dungeon after perfect the search A Soul"https://yellowcomic.com/osrs-select-a-colour-for-your-kitten/imager_1_8454_700.jpgs Bane: must have actually completed A Soul"https://yellowcomic.com/osrs-select-a-colour-for-your-kitten/imager_1_8454_700.jpgs Bane, no ability requirements. The dungeon is located east of Varrock.

Teleport to the digsite utilizing a digsite pendant: perfect of the search The Dig website is required, no ability requirements. The pendant can be bought from the GE at roughly 2.5 gp.

Cast the teleport come Varrock spell: no search requirements, 25 magic. The following runes are forced for this spell, 3 air, 1 fire, 1 legislation (you have the right to swap out the fire or air for their particular staves if girlfriend so desire).

Get a slayer task from Vannaka: no search requirements, you need 40 or greater combat level. Vannaka have the right to be found in Edgeville dungeon.

Make 20 mahogany pink in one go: no pursuit or ability requirements. Making use of the sawmill again, this time bring 20 mahogany logs and also 30k gp.

Pick a white tree fruit: perfect of the Garden that Tranquillity quest and also 25 farming. After perfect the pursuit a fruit will flourish on the white tree i beg your pardon you deserve to pick.

Use the balloon to take trip from Varrock: perfect of the Enlightened journey quest, 40 firemaking. 10 pasture logs are required to unlock the Varrock balloon, then usage 1 regular log to take trip to Taverley from Varrock.

Complete a lap the the Varrock Rooftop course: no pursuit requirements yet you will need 30 agility. The course start is south eastern of the square.

On perfect of the tool diary you will receive: Varrock armour 2, 1 neck lamp precious 7.5k exp and also the capability to adjust teleport place of Varrock teleport to the ge. Additionally Zaff will currently sell girlfriend 30 battlestaves a day, for 7k each.

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