Ouran High School organize Club Season 2 has been a troubling problem for every weebs for 15 year now! Season 1, which concluded means back in 2006, left us wide-eyed because that a second season. But is season 2 happening?

Season 1 aired between April and September in 2006. A turning back harem, rom-com anime, the show is attributed as a classic of its genre. Ever since, we have heard rumors around season 2, yet this time, we have actually a firmer wire of hope to hold on to.

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Ouran High School organize Club Season 2 relax Announced?

One that the finest studios the end there, Studio Bones, created season 1. After that, the studio has actually made no point out of season 2 because that the show. However, the current stir caused by the voice actors’ comment points out that we might see season 2 soon. Also, series creators pointed out (way back) in 2016 the they have started working on content for season 2.

Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyoya and other members the the organize Club

In 2016, English voice actor Todd Haberkorn post a video clip saying the the producers contacted him because that a 2nd season and that lock will start working on that soon. However, ~ that, we obtained no news whatsoever. The pandemic raging since 2019 might have been the reason for the delay, however still, pan are positive for season 2 in 2021 or 2022.

Season 2 Cast

Though the actors has no been announced, the voice actors will most most likely remain the same if season 2 happens. Hence, our beloved Haruhi will be voiced by Maya Sakamoto. Mamoru Miyano will be portraying Tamaki Suoh, Hikaru Hitachiin through Kenichi Suzumura, and Kaoru Hitachiin by Yoshinori Fujita. The remainder of the cast from season 1 should additionally return because that season 2. That is what the pan want- because that both the Japanese and the English voice gibbs to remain unchanged.

Is there any Trailer because that Ouran High School host Club Season 2?

No trailer is easily accessible for season 2 that the show. It spins then, enjoy the trailer the season 1, which debuted in 2006 and quickly came to be the apologize of our eyes:

You deserve to watch season 1 top top Funimation, AnimeLab, and also Netflix while us wait because that season 2 of Ouran High School organize Club.

Spoilers because that Season 2

Some Netizens speculate that season 2 will start in the 2nd year of Ouran Academy. We pertained to know in season 1 the a field trip come France will certainly take location in the 2nd year. We can see the pair bonding ~ above this ar trip together they establish their connection with Haruhi. This will create a tight, stringent plot. Also, Tamaki’s unstable partnership with his father will likely affect the Ouran High School hold Club in season 2.

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Final Verdict

Fans serious hope the Season 2 will happen sometime soon. However, we room not fully aware of a fixed release date, possibilities are that season 2 is well into the manufacturing stage. Additionally, fans hope to see more dyed hair along with much more than simply a second season. For an ext info around the brand-new season, you can read the write-up here.