make the efforts to happen emissions test failed once code P0449 changed charcoal canister, vapor canister vent solenoid, gas cap, cleaned corrosion out of evaporator electrical connection cleared code and light came earlier on ~ 25 KM, cleared and also comes increase yellow no passing emissions says P0449 vent regulate circuit intermittent. My car has 94,000 miles and also an automatically transmission. Not certain what to readjust next.

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P0449CIRCUIT summary An ignition voltage is provided to the evaporative emission (EVAP) canister vent valve. The control module grounds the EVAP canister vent valve control circuit to close the valve by way of an inner switch called a driver. The scan tool screens the commanded state that the EVAP canister vent valve together ON or OFF. The regulate module monitors the status of the driver. If the regulate module detects an untrue voltage for the commanded state the the driver, this DTC sets.So what you are going to desire to test here is if the pcm is giving the ground come the vent solenoid or not and if over there is power. And also when the pcm grounds the solenoid is the closing?Attaching wiring diagram.First thing you require to inspect is fuse #24 10amps. If fuse is puffy then that is your problem. If yes disconnect the vent valve connector and also grab a check light. Earlier probe the pink wire v test light clipped to a good ground. If it lamp up strength circuit is good. If no power then map wire for an open circuit. You perform not desire to probe in ~ the woman terminal or you might damage it by spready it open to where it wont make call with the pin on vent valve.To check the ground you will need to obtain a scan tool that will certainly let you do such test. Unclip check light from ground and also get a pin and ago probe the ground circuit which is the white wire. So currently you will have a loop. Utilizing scan tool command the solenoid on and also off. Check light must come on and also off. If it does the vent valve is defective. If test light does no come on ohm the end white cable from vent valve connector come pcm. If cable ohms out less then 1 ohm then the pcm is faulty. If test light continues to be on all the moment then examine for a brief to power. If yes PCM is faulty.Also examine the woman pins ~ above the vent valve connector for any type of damage or corrosion. If pins room corroded buy part electric contact cleaner from your neighborhood parts save to clean. And make certain pins execute not look spread open. If they do try to pinch them earlier closer making use of a tiny pic.

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Hope it transforms out girlfriend only have actually a poor fuse.